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Sue's Maid

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Sue from 'Girls Night In' (Feb 7) has more fun.


Mom had just been talking on the phone, then she told me it was Sue. She said Sue was having a party in a few days and she asked if I'd like to entertain her guests. Mom told me that she'd told Sue I'd do it. I protested that I should have a say in the matter and Mom said that I enjoyed masturbating for her friends a few weeks ago and that I'd probably have to do the same for Sue. I couldn't argue, I enjoyed it immensely. 'Oh, and you'll be dressing as a french maid,' Mom added. Hehe, cool, that should be fun, I thought to myself. 'You'll have to tell me what happened afterwards as I won't be there, I already have other plans' Mom told me.

A couple of days later Sue picked me up in her car and drove me to her house. She led me upstairs to her bedroom and asked me to strip. I did as she asked and she pushed me back onto her bed, wrapped a couple of stockings around my dick and masturbated me quite ferociously until I came a minute or two later. Then using her hand she pumped my dick for a few more minutes, then stopped and went to a drawer and took out a corset.

She helped me put it on and then laced it up tightly, then she gave me a pair of black fishnet stockings which I put on, then she took out a French maid outfit and helped me put it on. It had a cute little hat and apron. Lastly she made me put on a pair of black thigh length boots with very high heels. She said I looked sexy. I felt sexy too.

She took off her stockings, then picked up the discarded stockings she'd masturbated me with and put them on. They were streaked with my cum which was dripping down her legs. Then she asked me to lick them clean. I hesitated and she demanded I do it, so I got onto my knees and licked her stocking-clad legs until her stockings were clean. Then she put the television on and left me watching it while she prepared for the party. She said she'd come and get me when she needed me.

During the next hour I heard knocks on the door, people were obviously arrriving at the party. Eventualy Sue came upstairs and said she was ready for me. She led me downstairs to the room where the guests were assembled, led me to the middle of the room and said 'This is your slut maid for tonight. She'll do anything to please you.' she turned to me, 'Isn't that right?'

'Yes,' I replied.

A guy came over to us. 'Me first,' he said, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal a massive cock. I paused.

'Well, go on!' said Sue. 'What?' I said.

'Masturbate him!' she replied. 'What!!' I said.

'Do it!' she demanded.

I didn't want to disappoint Sue so I dropped to my knees in front of him and slowly started to masturbate him. It felt weird holding another guys cock. It felt even weirder as I felt it harden in my hand. 'That's it,' said Sue, 'Faster!'

I increased speed and a few minutes later a long rope of cum splattered across my cheek. It caught me by surprise and I flinched. The next rope hit me across my nose.

'Open your mouth,' Sue said, 'Try and catch it.'

I did as she ordered and opened my mouth as I continued to masturbate the guy onto my face. Some did go in my mouth. When I'd finished Sue said 'Open your mouth wide, show me!'

I turned to face her and she took a photo. 'Ok, now swallow it!'

I paused for a moment then did as she asked. It tasted nasty but I smiled for Sue as she took more photos.

As the evening wore on my hair and face become quite messy but I became expert at masturbating guys off into my mouth. Sue loved it, she was very excited by the whole thing.

When the party was over and everyone had gone, Sue masturbated me and while she was doing it she asked me if I liked the outfit I was wearing. I told her I love it. She asked me if I wanted to keep the outfit and I said Yes. She continued to masturbate me faster. Then she said I could only keep it If I promise to be a maid for her again. Oh yes Yes YES I said as I came in massive spurts. Sue was so happy. 'Great, I'll let you know when I need you,' she said, then she cleaned me up and drove me home.

Mom asked me what I'd been doing for Sue and I told her everything. Mom said she'd have to make sure she attended Sue's next party so she could watch me. By the time I'd finished telling Mom what I'd been doing I was so horny I had to go upstairs and masturbate again!



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