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Sue Loves My Cum

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The tale of a horny young man, his fetish and the surprising young woman that was as perverted as he was


My sister had this friend named Sue; she was sixteen and really stacked. She had long straight blonde hair. She was a little chubby but she carried it really well. Whenever I saw her I would get an instant, outrageous hard on. I remember that I needed to fuck her so bad that I wanted to scream but to her I was invisible. The bedrooms in my parent's house were upstairs; my room was across the hallway from my sister's.

I was fourteen at the time and constantly horny. It seemed to me that I had to beat off at least twice a day just to keep my balls from aching. I liked beating off into anything that was soft; I found my favorite thing to jack off with was nylon winter jackets. The cool soft feeling and the down filled center made an excellent masturbation aid.

As the cold weather approached the soft, nylon jackets began to appear. I loved the look and the feel of them, I liked to casually rub up against them and then imagine my cock enveloped in their soft folds. Sue was never a nylon jacket girl; she always wore a pea jacket or denim jacket, hardly a masturbation object.

Imagine my surprise when she got on the school bus wearing a light blue down nylon ski jacket! To make matters worse she sat down in the seat in front of me and said "Hi, Mike."? I almost came and fainted at the same time. My dick was raging. I was furtively rubbing my dick through my jeans as I stared at her long, soft blond hair as it spread out in a shimmering, perfect bell across the back of her jacket. My sisters were home sick and Sue decided to turn sideways and casually talk to me. I have no idea what she said, I watched her beautiful hair, smelled her sexy perfume, admired her jiggling breasts. I spent the rest of the day in a fog. I remember I couldn't wait to see her again. When she got on the bus she looked as sexy as ever but she was hanging out with some of the older boys and once again I was horny, frustrated and invisible.

That evening I was in my room doing home work when I heard a familiar voice, Sue was here. My heart skipped a beat. I decided that if I couldn't fuck Sue, I would fuck her jacket instead. I went downstairs to the dining room and kitchen and tried to act as casual as possible. My heart was pounding so hard and the blood was rushing through my ears and my dick throbbed mercilessly; I was in a sexual frenzy. I needed to beat off and I needed to do it now! Why was she still wearing that damn jacket? My heart skipped a beat as she took it off; the question now was where she was going to leave it. She carried it around with her as she talked to my sisters and my mom. Damn it I was losing my mind. My sister suggested they go to her room and as they left the kitchen Sue smiled at me and said "Hi, Mike"? and gave me a little wave. I nearly fainted but managed a weak smile in return.

I waited a few minutes, which was sexual agony, and then I made my way up the back steps. Sue and my sister hung out in her room with the door open and music playing. It was evening and dark outside and I decided I would slip into my room, turn out the light and watch Sue through the crack of the door. She was wearing a white blouse that showed off her large, milky breasts and her long hair hung perfectly around her shoulders. I pulled up a chair and began to slowly beat off to her, I was teasing myself. I would bring myself to the edge of climaxing and then I would back off. By edging I was extending the delicious sexual tension. I decided that I would keep doing this until I could stand it no more and then I was going to rush over the edge and blow ropes of sperm through the crack of the door and into the hallway.

To my shock and horror they decided to leave, saying something about eating!?! And just like that they were gone. I couldn't believe it, I was pissed and then I noticed it, laying on the edge of my sister's bed, Sue had left her jacket. I walked out of my room with my rock hard dick in my hand. I shuffled across the hallway and with shaking hands I picked up her ski jacket. Oh my god, it was so soft and it smelled of perfume and shampoo. I opened it up and inserted my aching dick into its silken folds and it rewarded my poor cock with its warm, loving caress. Within three heavenly pumps my young dick began to spasm and jerk and the sperm came out in long, hot ribbons. I was in a standing position fucking her jacket against the bed.

When the fog cleared I pulled my dick out of her beautiful jacket and was shocked to see how much jizz was floating and sliding down the silky inside of her jacket. "Holy shit!"? I said as I quickly put away my dick and zipped up my fly, I desperately looked around my sister's room for something to use as a cum rag. Nothing and then I heard a bang on the old wooden steps, they were coming back! I carefully laid the jacket over itself on its side and grimaced when I saw my seed drooling out of the bottom of the jacket and onto my sister's bed spread. I heard Sue say, "I just have to get my jacket."? And I heard my sister answer "Turn off the light in my room". I hurried quickly and quietly across the hallway to my darkened room and peered through the crack in the door. My heart was slamming against my chest. If she noticed that mess I was sure there would be hell to pay. I was the only one of my four brothers to be upstairs; they would know it was me. The shame and terror was overwhelming.

Sue bounced into the room with all of her sexy, youthful excitement, scooped up her jacket, turned out the light, closed the door and stepped out into the hallway. She was mere feet from me and in one smooth motion she slipped on her jacket, gathered up her long, beautiful blonde hair and pulled it up and out of the ski jacket where it landed with a soft, wet smack on the back of her blue jacket. My dick was rock hard again! I could see my cum in her hair! Sue made a funny face for just a second, shrugged and hurried off down the steps to join my sister and just like that they were out the door.

Sue was now my sexual obsession. I beat off to everything Sue. I imagined cumming on her tits, on her face, in her hair and most of all inside her soft pussy. I began ejaculating in her jacket every chance I got which was almost daily. Her jacket soon began to lose its charm as it got crusty and hard. I was pleased, on Monday, to find that she had washed her jacket and it was again soft and smooth. Sue was now in the habit of leaving her jacket in my sister's room which was fine by me. Most of the time I had ample time to use it, pump a load into it and leave it folded over on my sister's bed. As the winter passed I was surprised to find that her jacket was always clean and soft inside even though I had pumped numerous loads into it.

The routine had become, Sue would leave her jacket on my sister's bed, they would leave, I would sneak in, take her jacket back to my room, fuck it in my bed, pump a load deep in its folds and carefully take it back and lay it over on its side back on my sister's bed. Sue would return a short time later, gather up her jacket, use the bathroom and then leave. This went on for a while and then Sue got the flu. I didn't see her for a week. I decided I wouldn't cum until she returned. It was a Saturday and my balls were about to pop when I saw Sue walking up the driveway. Happy day! She was delightful as usual and I offered to take her jacket for her but she said it was okay because she wouldn't be staying long. My mom and sisters were going shopping and they invited her along. She gave me a sweet smile when she noticed my disappointment. "Missed me?"? She teased. I am sure I was blushing hard because she laughed and gave me a quick little hug and she was off. My mom wasn't ready and my little brother was being a pain so my sister invited Sue upstairs and off came the jacket! The game was afoot.

I snuck upstairs and slipped into my room, Sue put the jacket on the bed. This was going to be difficult, my older brother was home from college and he was in his room. Sue looked bored and suggested that they go downstairs to watch television in the living room. I slipped out of my room and was met by my older brother as he headed off to the bathroom. I secretly slipped into my sister's room and picked up Sue's ski jacket, it had the light fragrance of her perfume and hair on it. My head began to swim, if my brother came out of the bathroom he would catch his perverted little brother monkey pumping the neighbor girl's jacket. I didn't care, I needed to deposit this load of sperm and I needed to do it now. The deed was done in mere seconds; I was just that horny and backed up. The load was large and obscene; I had really out done myself. I was about to sop up some of the cum with a towel my sister had left on the floor when I heard Sue coming up the steps. I hurried across the hall and took up my station in my room. I turned and peeked back at my sister's bed. I was horror struck to see that I had left the jacket lying open with my seed in a lewd puddle for all to see!

Sue walked in, gasped and turned to glance around, a dirty little smile on her face. She carefully gathered up her jacked and turned toward the bathroom. She frowned when she saw the door closed and heard the shower running. She bit her lower lip, put the jacket back down on the bed and laid it open again. She covertly glanced around and to my shock and surprise she gathered up her beautiful, long blond hair and pulled it to one side and knelt in front of the bed and I watched as she began to bob her head into her jacket. I could only see her from behind. What was she doing? I heard soft sucking sounds and realization spread across my face. It was confirmed as Sue let go of her hair, picked up her jacket, turned toward the hallway and licked the last of my sperm from the inside of her jacket. She glanced around, smiled and put on her jacket and hurried off to meet my mom and sisters.



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