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Suddenly Soup

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This was during my short career as a waitress. I was 20 years old. It's a true story and also the first one I've submitted


The job wasn't bad. I like people. Our 'uniform' made me a little uncomfortable though. They weren't anything unusual, the standard white top black bottoms, but shirts were tailored button downs and they give me a problem. I'm just under 5' and small like a size 3, but I have really big boobs that look even bigger on me. I know worse things can happen, but it can really be a nuisance some times. My shirt didn't help matters. It was pulled tight over my chest and then pinched in at the waist by a little black apron. My tits stuck out for a mile!

One night a young couple and their little girl came in to the restaurant for dinner. They were in their mid to late thirties, good looking, friendly. They sat in a booth, mother and daughter to my right and the man on my left. He was wearing a blue shirt, a tad lighter than his eyes and khaki cargo shorts. I remember he had short brown hair and slight sunburn across his cheeks and nose, which was kind of cute but his face was otherwise unremarkable. I probably would have forgotten him within an hour.

But I remember him distinctly because when I leaned over to serve his little girl a coke, I dipped the tip of my left boob in his soup!! It burned, and I was so embarrassed, but the guy was real nice about it and insisted that he didn't need a new one. And suddenly........WOW! Something about this man eating soup that I just had my breast in, made me instantly horny. The heat in my red face went directly to my crotch. I spent every spare moment watching him sip the the hot soup, and could almost feel his mouth on my nipple, gently sucking my poor scalded skin. It was crazy, and I was super obvious too. Awkwardness. Blushing. Looking directly into his eyes and lingering way too long. His wife seemed annoyed at the whole situation, but I really couldn't help it. I was having vivid sexual images of him that were beyond my control, at that point. I had wiped my shirt with club soda and draped a towel over my shoulder to hide my wet nipple, but they were both rock hard, and you could clearly see the other one standing out. Plus my clit was swollen, throbbing between my lips which were super wet. I was shocked how hot I was for him.

After I brought them the bill his wife took their daughter to the bathroom, and he waved to me. I was at the 'station' only a short distance from the table and I waved back. 'I ate it all.' he mouthed to me, over exaggerating his words. 'I know' I said silently back blushing and smiling hardcore. 'She's mad.' He pointed toward the bathroom. 'I'm sorry.' I said mutely. He waved his hand like it was 'no big' and then motioned for me to move the towel and show him what was underneath. I did blushing again, He grabbed at his chest dramatically mouthing 'Thank you!', which made me giggle. They left and I never saw him again, but as soon as I got to my car that night I shoved my hand up my skirt, under my panties, and fucked my fingers till I came on them, imagining the sexy stranger sucking soup off my nipples.



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