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Suction and Vibration

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When I get home from school I love to get totally naked, set up a mirror in front of me, and to surf porn on the internet. As I am watching movies of naked teenage girls on the internet doing all kinds of things to themselves, to other teenage girls in lesbian make outs, and getting it on with teenage boys, I am also studying my reflection in the mirror as I am playing with my hot teenage cock and dangling balls and watching it stick up on a rampant hard bone with cum juice oozing out of it. When I get close to blasting my nuts off, I ease off so as to make it last longer.

This one day while I was at work stroking my hard prick, I was remembering back to the time that I was a lifeguard and I was in the water cleaning the neighborhood's community pool when I started playing with myself and began Jacking Off and when I was close to Cumming I reached down and grabbed the suction hose off the pool vacuum cleaner, keeping it underwater so as to keep the suction going and then inserting my very hot hard teenage cock into the hose as I continued to Jack Off and letting the suction pull all the cream out of my balls. Thinking back to that time and the wonderful feeling of the suction on my cock, gave me a new idea. I went and got the family upright Hoover Vacuum Cleaner positioning it next to me, took the Cleaning Tool Hose and taped on a cardboard tube from some leftover Christmas and Gift Wrapping paper that I had cut down to a smaller (in length) size, switched the setting from 'Carpet' to 'Cleaning Tools' (which would provide the most suction), and turned on the vacuum cleaner power. As I did, I tested it by putting the palm of my hand up against the end of the cardboard tubing and was amazed by how much suction there was. I turned it off and took my deflated cock and inserted it into the tubing and turned on the vacuum cleaner. 'Oh My Gosh - What a feeling '!!! It not only was providing suction but since the cardboard tubing attachment was just a little bigger around than my cock was, it was also providing vibrations. I watched in the mirror as my cock quickly hardened and stood up erect, still being sucked and vibrated. It didn't take much before I shot and shot and shot what seemed like buckets of cream up into the tubing. I almost fainted from the intense pleasure. I saved the tubing (hid it away) for another day.

The next day, I could hardly get home fast enough to get everything set up for an encore performance as I got the mirror set up, set up the vacuum cleaner with the cardboard tubing taped on to the end of the cleaning tool hose, went on the internet to a site that featured teenage boys and girls engaged in oral sex, got naked, started playing with my prick and balls as I fantasized that the girls on the internet were actually licking and sucking on my very hot teenage cock, and then I turned on the power of vacuum cleaner and let it do it's magic. I quickly learned to only go for so long before I would turn the power off and let everything subside and then start back again letting it suck, vibrate, and sliding the tubing up and down the length of my shaft, I also learned that if I did the suction and vibration for too long that it had a tendency to rub the side of my cock somewhat raw so I learned to use some Vaseline to cut down on the friction while still providing the wonderful suction and vibrations. I could go and back off for as long as I wanted to until I decided it was time to blow my wad and then I would let it fly. This is so fine combining the suction & vibration, the mirror reflection, and the porn of the internet.



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