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Success With No Privacy

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Even in the most extreme conditions, sometimes you just have to...


For the last three months I have been working a contract for the government in a dusty country overseas. I sleep in a big tent with 140 other guys. It's OK considering how much we get paid, I'm not complaining.

But after about a month I knew I had to jack off. The thing is, there is no privacy, the toilets just have a too-small a curtain instead of a door, same with the showers. The only place was in my sleeping bag, but I had neighbors two feet away on both sides.

What to do? I was getting painfully strong erections at night, and damn it, I like to jack off. I figured it would take planning and stealth. One night I casually left a t-shirt on the open part of my sleeping bag and shoved it down when I crawled in. About 30 minutes after lights out I slowly ran my hands into my shorts and started to squeeze and pull my cock. Very slowly, very small movements. Any strong or rhythmic movements would give me away.

I ran through fantasies in my head to make up for the lack of hand stimulation: girls I knew, what their breasts looked like, what their pussies smelled like, felt like. After a while I rolled on my side, like you do when you are falling asleep, but I also slid my shorts down and made sure the head of my cock was over the t-shirt. (You girls don't have to plan ahead for where the cum is going, but the fun of squirting is worth it.)

I stroked my cock super slow, feeling every inch, savoring the ridge around the head, the hardness, the smooth skin on the shaft. I desperately wanted to speed up but I didn't dare. That made it frustrating but also so intense. I couln't help but straighten out my legs, it was just a random movment to my neighbors, I hoped.

The slow stroking continued, was anybody else in the tent doing this too? With 140 other men odds were somebody was. I silently cheered him on 'Stroke your cock buddy, but be quiet.' On the next long trip up to the head of my penis I felt the jackpot! Precum was leaking, it's the best lube, and it's always there when you get horny.

Slowly I ran my fingers and palm through the warm fluid. Back down my cock, but now it was so good, so smooth, I knew it wouldn't be long. On the slow trip back up, there was more precum, back down and I could feel the ejaculation building. I wanted so bad to really work my cock, stroke with that good rhythm, but I didn't dare. One more stroke to the head, and it was too much.

My orgasm washed over me, I held my cock as it pulsed all by itself. It felt so cool to have it cum like on auto pilot. The long build-up, the terrible slowness made it cum so much. After I stopped squirting I didn't bother to pull my shorts up, I just relaxed my legs and drifted off with the head of my cock resting in a pool of my cum, leaking that last little bit as it slowly softened.

Later that night I woke up, pulled up my shorts and quietly stashed the cum-filled t-shirt under my cot. I slept great.



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