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Subway Stop

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This is the greatest casual encounter I've ever had.


I used to live in one of the suburbs of Washington, DC when I worked there for a government contractor. I've since moved to another state and a less hectic job.

In my job, I had to dress nicely every day. My boss insisted that we put on a good appearance for the clients. I noticed that he seemed to hire only younger, prettier women for the clerical jobs. We were all well qualified and there wasn't any hanky panky going on. He was very professional with all of us, really. It's just that we were all fairly attractive and we all dressed very well. I really think that my boss' success as a consultant had a little bit to do with how nice all of us looked. I've taken that lesson to heart in other jobs and it's helped me get better jobs and to get raises before the other girls in the office.

On this particular day, I was riding home from work on the Metro. This is the subway system in Washington, DC and it's really good transportation. It's clean, bright, smooth, and affordable. I really liked commuting that way.

I was, as usual, dressed nicely. I had on a stylish, tailored skirt suit, a ruffled white blouse, sheer hosiery, and open-toe high heels. I had had the skirt hemmed up to a few inches above my knees to fit into the office dress code, so I was showing quite a bit of leg when I sat down.

I was just unwinding from a stressful week on my Friday commute home. I was a little careless with how I sat and I realized that the woman sitting across from me had a clear view up my skirt. She was looking directly at my legs and higher up, too.

I moved my thighs closer together, but she was still looking as she talked with the man sitting next to her. I learned later that he was her husband.

My interest was aroused and other things too. I realized that my panties were getting moist just from her looking. I usually date men, but I've had some fun times with other girls too starting in college.

She was very pretty. Like me, she was in a skirt suit and heels and hose and I noticed that she began to let her legs open a little. She had her purse on her lap and seemed to be using it to hike her skirt up a little higher as she chatted with hubby.

I couldn't resist looking and I soon decided to let her have another peek, too. I did what she did and opened my legs some for her and let my skirt move up my thigh instead of pulling it down.

That definitely got her interest. She looked directly up my skirt and then at me and winked and licked her lips! This while she was holding hands with her husband!

By this time, my panties were a soggy mess and my stop came up. I got up and gathered my things and so did they. I followed them to the door and she smiled at me again and motioned with her eyes to follow her.

When we got off, she told her husband that she needed to stop at the ladies room and I just followed her in. She walked into a handicapped stall and she didn't close the door. When nobody seemed to be looking, I joined here there and closed the door.

Let me describe us. I stand 5'4' weigh 120 lb and I have 34B breasts. My black hair is long to my waist, but I was wearing it up that day. I have brown eyes and a dark complexion from my Mexican grandparents.

She was about 5'7', maybe 130 lb, and about 34C breasts. Her blonde hair was cut in a short shag, just over her ears with bangs that sweep along her forehead. Her hair was really cute and added to her gamine face. Her eyes were green and she had the nicest smile.

She touched her lips to say 'shush' and took me in her arms and kissed me. I just melted at her touch. I was very very turned on by this point and by her audacity. I just let her take the lead.

She began to touch me all over as we kissed and I did the same to her. I loved the feel of her breasts. Her nipples were very noticeable under her suit jacket and through her bra and sheer blouse.

She whispered, 'We don't have much time. My husband and I are meeting another couple for dinner.'

With that, she put her hand under my little skirt and began to feel my ass and then my pussy through my pantyhose and panties. Feeling under her skirt, I found that she was wearing a garterbelt and thong panties. I had my hand inside them to find a totally shaved, wet pussy. She gasped as I ran my finger up her slit to her clit.

She kneeled down and reached under my skirt to pull down my pantyhose and panties all at once. I almost fell on her, but she helped me sit on the edge of the seat where she proceeded to finger my pussy and my clit. It only took two or three minutes for her to get me off. I don't know how I kept quiet. I'm usually a screamer when I cum.

She licked her fingers and made to go. I stopped her and pulled her back to me. She looked a little frantic, looking at her watch. I didn't care at that point. I reached under her skirt to her little thong and pushed it aside, pushing two fingers inside her as I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

She gasped again and opened her legs a little to give me room to work. Again, it didn't take too long and she was gasping and moaning. I think that she was a screamer too but we had to be quiet as lots of women were coming and going. She sagged against my arm and held my hand to make me stop. I could feel the contractions in her vagina as she had her orgasm.

She kissed me on the lips and I could taste a little of my pussy juice on her as she pulled her skirt down and dashed out. I took a minute to enjoy her taste on my hand and then pulled myself together before I left.

I never saw her again and I never learned her name, but it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life! I think of it often when I jill. I hope that she thinks of me, too!



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