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When I was 12 years old, Saturday was the most important penis day since I had the house to myself for about five hours.


First a little history. I first became aware that my penis was a great instrument of pleasure when I was 6, and discovered its ability to harden and swell. From that time until I was 9, I rubbed its head with the palm of my hand while holding the shaft with the thumb and index finger my other hand every morning. This felt great, but I had not learned the rewards of continuing long enough to have an orgasm until I was 9 when an older boy taught me the basics of jacking off, and I learned to stroke long enough to orgasm. My jacking increased from 2 or 3 times a week to 2 or 3 times a day by the time I was 12 and began to ejaculate. Until then, all my orgasms were dry. It was then that I took every opportunity to strip nude and admire my penis as a thing of beauty before beginning the serious business of jacking off.
Saturdays were the best time for pecker worship since on that day my parents and siblings would be away from home for about 5 hours. Then I could strip, lube up, jack up to the point of no return, and stop so I could relish both the sensations and appearence of my adolescent penis. It usually took about 5 minutes to get to this level. First its looks. It was a respectable 5 inches long and about the same around; the shaft was light red, the head was beginning to swell and was about the same color as the shaft. My balls which were a good indication of the nearness of orgasm had retracted so they were close to but still under the shaft which was pulsing lightly with my heart beat, and the first drop of precome appeared in the meatus. When the pulsing stopped, I began to jack again, and continued for another 5 or so minutes when I stopped again. Now the lovely thing's shaft was cherry red, the head had swelled so it was wider than the shaft, and its color dark red almost purple. By now precome had covered the head, was mixing with the vaseline, and there was a clear separation between my balls. The meatus was open and had the appearence of a little fish's mouth when it is opening and closing. After another few minutes, I began jacking again, and usually couldn't stand another pause because I couldn't bear not to orgasm. It was usually less than 2 minutes between resuming jacking and the beginning of comming. I knew I was past the point of no return when my balls were no longer under the shaft but along side of it. Then the penis took on a life of its own; I knew I would come even if I stopped jacking. I never stopped even after the end of the squirting phase of orgasm, but always continued until I could no longer stand the intense sensation. As my orgasm began, I involuntarily raised my behind off the bed, so I was supported by my feet and shoulders, and remained so until the oozing phase began. At the end of the session, my penis looked like it had been through a war; the head seemed like a big purple mushroom, come was splattered on my head, chest, and all over my bed because as the orgasm peaked my jacking increased so that my fist hitting my belly sounded like a machine gun. After a rest of about an hour, I usually repeated this.



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