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Studying With A Friend

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Studying with a cute friend one day gets me so worked up that I have to get off as soon as possible...


It was a hot weekend day in early spring. My friend Erin and I were alone in the eighth floor lounge of our dorm hall. We were studying for an upcoming exam using a practice test; she was looking for answers to half of the questions, and I was looking for the answers to the other half.

I wrote a bit about Erin in Dorm Room Eavesdropping (http://www.solotouch.com/story/dorm-room-eavesdropping-53279), where I described her this way: a sweet, friendly, intelligent, girl-next-door type. Tall (but not too tall), brunette, gorgeous eyes, gentle curves in all the right places, and amazingly long legs.

I had a crush on her, but never brought myself to actually do anything about it, even though she seemed to quite enjoy my company when we spent time together.

So there we were, alone in the lounge, sitting on opposing couches. The windows were open, allowing in a bit of a breeze, but it was still very warm. I was only wearing a tee shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, but I was still perspiring, as was Erin. In her case, it gave her a bit of a sexy glow; she looked beautiful in her form-fitting (but relatively modest) shirt, short-shorts, and sandals.

In the weeks since I'd overheard her fucking some guy in her room late at night (as detailed in Dorm Room Eavesdropping), I'd been fantasizing about her often, using her as the inspiration for many rounds of masturbation. On this day, I found myself casting glances her way, taking in her beauty and replaying her overheard sexual conquest in my head.

At one point, she slipped the sandals off her bare feet and swung her legs up onto the couch. I don't mind admitting that I've got a mild foot fetish (in my mind, being barefoot is one step closer to being naked, which is one step closer to having sex, so seeing a girl with bare feet is a big turn-on), and as I watched her flex her toes, I found my cock slowly becoming hard.

Images filled my mind, and I couldn't block them. Erin using her bare feet to give me a foot job. Erin's hand under the waistband of her shorts, frantically rubbing at her pussy. My hand beating my cock furiously as I shoot a load onto her outstretched tongue. Erin, still masturbating, reaching up with one hand to tweak one of her visibly hard nipples through her shirt. My hand again working over my cock as I explode ropes of cum on her upturned bare soles.

That final image pushed me over the top. I cleared my throat, which drew Erin's attention.

"I'll be back in a second", I said.

I think she could tell something was up, but the nature of it, obviously, was unknown to her.

She asked, "Everything okay"?

I nodded, pulled out my cell phone, and gestured to it.

"I need to make a quick phone call. I'll be back in a minute".

"Alright", she said, as she leaned back onto the couch, scrunching her toes lightly.

I left the lounge quickly and headed straight for the boys bathroom. As the door shut behind me, I scanned the stalls and saw that they were empty. Comfortable that I was alone, I went into the empty showers area; if one of the few other students around for the weekend happened to come into the bathroom, one of the shower cubicles would give me more privacy.

I went into one of the shower stalls and unzipped my shorts. I pushed them and my underwear down to the tile floor and stepped out of them. My cock was now at full hardness, lightly throbbing in time with my heartbeat.

I knelt down and began to stroke. I didn't want to waste too much time, otherwise Erin might have wondered what had happened to me, so I worked fast. My fist pumped my dick quickly, drawing out some drops of precum, which I worked into my cockhead. I usually shy away from lube, but the precum felt really good, so I pooled some saliva in my mouth and then drooled it onto my shaft. It mixed with the precum, making my cock nice and slick, and the wet sound of my hand moving quickly up-and-down fueled my desire to get off as soon as possible.

Just as in the lounge, my thoughts were of Erin and I doing pleasurable things to each other. I imagined her giving me a blowjob, her tongue flicking against the underside of my shaft as she sucked. I imagined myself on top of her, fucking her her pussy, her sexy legs wrapped around my waist, each of us sweating as my fingers frigged her clit. And again, I imagined blowing my load onto her bare feet.

I began to sense that I was getting close to the edge. I spat another glob of saliva onto my cock as I quickly jacked off. Then, out of nowhere, a bizarre and kinky thought struck me: if I couldn't cum on her bare feet, maybe I could try cumming on mine. A poor substitute, but it was one of those strange ideas that only comes to you when you're really, really horny and looking for a new, untested, slightly taboo way to get off.

I reached behind me and slid my flip-flops off both my feet; I was only going to need one foot, but I felt I had to be fully barefoot to complete the effect. I swung my left leg around and let my foot rest on the tile, my bare sole upturned, facing the ceiling. I leaned forward, getting my cock as close to my foot as I could. I was able to touch the head of my cock against my sole, and I continued jerking as fast as I could, now with the added pleasurable sensation of my slick cockhead sliding against the flesh of my bare foot.

Finally, I felt the pressure beginning to build. My muscles started to tense, and with one final thought of Erin - this one of her jacking me off onto her tits - to push me over the edge, my orgasm slammed into me, and it was a great one. I exploded into wonderful ecstasy. I was cumming really hard. Tight, powerful contractions sent cum shooting from my cock and onto the sole of my bare foot. I came a lot, covering my sole and toes with my thick load.

I kept stroking until the final aftershocks of my climax flowed through me, then I leaned back, allowing myself to catch my breath. Almost immediately, I felt funny about it all. Who gets the idea to cum on their own foot? A little weird, I remember thinking to myself. To this day, I still think that was a strange compulsion to feel out of the blue, but it did help give me a truly fantastic orgasm.

I reached for my shorts and extracted some tissue, which I used to wipe up my cum from my foot. Then I redressed, slid my flip-flops back onto my bare feet, walked to the sink, washed my hands, and exited, tossing the tissue into the trash bin as I did.

I rejoined Erin, apologized for having to step out, and then we continued with our studying. I did my best not to steal too many more glances at her face, body, or feet, because every time I did, I couldn't help but blush.



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