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Studyhall Adventure

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I injured my knee in eighth grade and ended up in an extra studyhall with a bunch of seventh graders instead of gym class. It was a large studyhall held in the cafeteria. Kids would pass notes. However, if the note was caught by the teacher running the studyhall, punishment was certain, usually a detention. And if the note was entertaining, it would be read to the entire studyhall.

A cute blonde girl who's name I later learned was Jane, with a bunch of pimples was sitting next to me where I was directed to sit by the teacher. She smiled as I sat down. We got to know each other a bit by notes passed under textbooks placed between us. It was getting riskier passing notes as there had been quite a few caught and read.

One day I almost had a heart attack when she passed me a note reading 'Would you like to come over to my house after school. You can feel inside my underwear if I can feel inside yours.' I just about choked and prayed that the teacher hadn't spotted this note, or any of the several that followed. I had a hardon that just wouldn't quit while thinking about this. I was scared that the teacher would intercept one of the notes and make me stand up and read it with a real prominent erection in front of 100 kids. I finally said 'YES' out of sheer desparation to make her stop passing more notes.

We met after school out by the bike rack and I rode home with her. Nobody was at the house. Most mothers didn't work in those days but hers did and her older sister wasn't home either. We went up to her bedroom. She put on an Elvis record and we talked a bit. She said that she just knew that she could talk to me about anything and that nobody would ever find out and that she could completely trust me. Her sister had told her about some things she had done and Jane wanted to learn about it with me if I was willing, which I was.

She then said that I could feel in her bra and she would feel in my underpants. I told her 'No, you said underwear and I want to feel everything under both your bra and panties. She hesitated a minute and said 'Okay, but I get to feel you first.' I said 'How about if I feel under your bra first and then you feel under my underpants and then I feel under yours.' She said 'Okay'

She took off her blouse. If you saw PLEASANTVILLE you might remember the jokes about the pointy 'nosecone' bras at that period. I had never seen a breast outside of National Geographic. She had on one of those nosecone pointy bras. It fit all the way around that made getting ones hands under awkward from any direction as we mad some of thos inexperiences first moves in attempting this. After a short struggle she muttered something, reached around behind her and dropped the bra.

I was astonished. She had beautiful hemispherical breasts. They were not pointy at all, maybe 32B I would judge now. And she had these little pink very erect nipples. I looked at them in silence for the longest time. They were absolutely beautiful. I was having a profound aesthetic experience and time was frozen. Then she took my hands and put them on her breasts. They were soft, with the softest skin I'd ever felt. I had no idea. As I stroked her breasts lightly she started shudderring and moaning. Her nipples produced intense reactions to being stroked. It felt like I had the biggest hardest erection I'd ever had. I reached down to rearrange my body parts within my underwear and I had the sudden fear that she would now decide to change. Sure enough, almost right away, maybe seeing my movements, she said 'My turn' as she looked down at the tent in my pants.

Suddenly I was scared. I undid my belt and opened my pants. Suddenly my underpants were pushed out far enough to make the elastic waisteband stand out about three inches. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. Jane put both hands right in the gaping waistband, under my balls and held them gently while slipping my undies down with the other hand. I couldn't say a thing with her stroking my balls.

Then she started running her fingers gently all over my penis and balls. Suddenly I had an incredibly warm feeling and intensely felt like I had to pee. All of a sudden my penis started throbbing and started squirting strings of white stuff all over. Jane said 'Oh neat! I want to see that again'. This time she was stroking me with all this slippery stuff on her hands. After a few minutes I was moaning and stuff. The more I moaned the more enthusiastic she got in stroking me and I was moaning and twitching all over it felt so good. Suddenly I exploded in a big orgasm and Jane started laughing in delight as I flopped around with each stroke and making noises. As I lay there for a few minutes she starting cleaning up the mess I'd made on her bedspread. Then she said 'your turn'.

Jane had already taken off her skirt as part of cleaning up the mess. She just had on a pair of white panties that came above her navel. By this time I had my shirt off as well. She said 'You're going to want my panties off too, aren't you?' and I nodded. She slipped her panties down and stood in the dappled sunlight coming in the window. She had only a small tuft of blond pubic hair coming up from around the base of the clitoris, glowing golden in the sunlight. Another wonderous aesthetic moment. In the face of such incredible beauty what was a few pimples, a few minor blemishes on a goddess.

I ran my hands up and down the length of her body, front and back. Her skin was silky smooth. After a couple of minutes she laid down on her back and spread her legs. Her labia, though hairless were quite a bit darker than the surrounding skin. As she spread her legs further, I started to see a delightful pink within and started getting turned on all over again. She took my hand in hers. She dipped my fingers in her wet warmth and moved my fingers around her clitoris showing me what was good. I kept doing it. She started breathing harder and harder. As I stroked her libs and clitoris she got wetter and wetter. Pretty soon she started moaning, suddenly she started bucking her hips around and called out louder and suddenly there was a surge of warm wetness as she came. After that she said 'My sister showed me all this. Isn't it great?'. She thanked me and I thanked her. I sure agree it was great. THen she asked me 'Can you come back next Tuesday? That's the day my sister has ice skating and doesn't get back until 6 pm with mom and dad right after. I said sure and left.



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