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Student Teacher/Coach

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Couldn't wait to turn 18 and surprise 'Mr. Taylor'


Halfway thru my senior year of high school, we got a student-teacher for History class, and he also became an assistant coach of the tennis team, which I play mixed-doubles on. The teacher, Doug Taylor not his real name, was 23, about 6'1' and 235, so he was stocky, but not fat. His face was real cute, probably made more so by his infectious toothy smile and larger lips, not quite A. Jolie size, but plump.

He was a good athlete and had a very outgoing personality. I was one of the better students in his class, so we talked a lot after class and during tennis practice. I once asked him if he was dating or anything, and he said no one had really interested him, and 'took care of business' himself, which I was kind of surprised to hear him admit to a student, but we were pretty tight and just laughed it off. 'I know what ya mean,' I said.

As the season went on and the school year drew to a close, I found myself talking to Mr. Taylor every day and growing sad that we'd both soon be parting ways, as we seemed to have more than just a student & teacher relationship, more of a genuine friendship. One day he asked when my birthday was, and I said June 13th, 'the big 18.'

On the last day of school for seniors, May 25, I stopped in to see him, and he said we should get together later next month for a game or something. I quickly said 'definitely' and he surprisingly gave me a hug and big smile. Yes, I was definitely attracted to this slightly older guy. I also didn't want to get him in any trouble, so I made sure he had finished his job assignment and I turned 18 before I did something unexpected:

One Saturday morning in June, I put on some shorts and short muscle shirt and went to Doug's apartment, which he'd told me about, to surprise him around 11am. I didn't know what to expect, really, I just wanted to see him. Doug opened the door wearing nothing but a pair of those spandex shorts with the laces loose in front, and immediately said 'Brian! Dude I was just thinking about you!!'

I put my arms around his waist to give him a hug, and really grabbed on and lingered in the embrace. Suddenly I felt his dick hardening and pressing against me. He made no move to loosen the hug, and neither did I. In fact, I laid my head against his shoulder and said softly, 'Man, I've missed you.' At that, our heads pulled back slightly, and he kissed me with *those lips.* Wow, what a sexual weapon, those lips. It was the best kiss ever.

I began running my hands all over his bulk, and pulled his head even closer to mine so our kiss wouldn't end. 'Let's take this to the bedroom,' I finally said, hoping I wasn't going too fast, but really needing to 'get off' at this point. 'Brian' he started. 'Just jacking off,' I said, trying to calm any fears.

We walked to his room and stripped down. He looked at me in awe, as I'm nicely developed and have a 7.5-inch hard dick and olive-skin. His dick was almost as long, but fatter, and throbbing and bobbing. I could hardly believe this was happening, and I think he felt the same way. We crawled onto the bed, and I straddled half of Doug so that our dicks were rubbing against each other's stomach area. I went for those lips again, and the passion kicked in. He began stoking every part of me, filling his hands with my ample buttocks, his chest heaving with hotness.

Soon, he rolled over and onto me, which I loved, since I was free to massage his butt and grind our dicks together wildly. 'I'm getting close,' I whispered, and he kissed me again, as we both let loose with a near-simultaneous orgasm of epic proportion. He slid off me, and gently rubbed my cum-filled chest while looking into my eyes and said, 'Dude, that was hot.'

So where do you think this led? It happened over a year ago, and we've been jackoff lovers at least once a month since then. Neither of us wanted to admit we were 'bi/gay/whatever' or start a 'relationship,' but I don't have a closer friend in the world. We're both very attracted to each other on many levels, so where it's going in the future, who knows?



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