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Stuck in Traffic

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I found this site about a year a go. I visit it about once or twice a week. I like to keep up on what is going on. I have never been one to really talk to others about masturbation, even though I know most of us do it now and then, but this past week I found myself doing something I wanted to tell others about. I felt weird at the time, but now I am glad I did it.
This past monday, I was on my way to a job interview (about 40 miles from home) when I was listening to the radio and they were talking about sex & masturbation. It had a lot of really good information, about things I was unaware of. Anyways, I got stuck in traffic, do to a car accident about 5 miles up the road. All traffic was detoured off the road and onto side roads to go around the effected area.
In listening to the people talk about sex & masturbation, I began to play with myself in the car as I am driving. Something I had never done before. I was feeling very nice, my nipples were very hard and I was good and moist. I began to hike up my skirt and pulled my panties down a little bit to better touch myself. As my fingers are slipping into me, I come to a flagger in the roadway on the passenger side of my car. I never saw him standing there until I was right on top of him. He could see all of me, as I was pinching my nipples and he could see me touch my vagina. I was startled at first, but watching his face it became clear, he was enjoying what was going on as much as I was. I stopped the car and rolled down the window, asking him for direction, as I pull down my skirt a little bit, so it not so easy for him to see it all. He told me to continue on in the direction I was heading, I thanked him and I pulled away. I could hear him call on his radio to his co-workers telling them about me. I did not know if I should continue to play with myself, with the thought of other people looking to see me as I pass by. But my mind was gone, I was feeling very nice, I was more than wet and I took the flaggers advice and continued on my way, it felt so good.
When I could no longer take it, I pulled the car over to the side of the road, to avoid a crash. I had such a large rush come over me. Before I knew it, I had arrived. What I did not once again notice was the flagger and the firefighter on my right side and as I arrived, it seems that I cried out load (I don't remember that) and the walk to the car to see if every thing was alright (nice of them). It turned out to be one nice looking guy who was the flagger, and a lady who was the firefighter. They both looked in on me and could see everything and let me tell you that I gushed all over my seat. With smiling faces, I turned to them and said all was all right, thanks for asking. It felt so weird to be watch as I masturbated, That had never happened before.
As I pulled back onto the road, I was confused by the fact of people watching me, but also that it was one of the best times I ever had masturbating.
When I got to the job interview I was over 30 min late, they told me to have a seat because the person I was seeing was out. I waited about 15 minutes when I was called into the bosses office. I want to say how sorry I was that I was late, but when I looked up I saw the same lady who was on the road. I could feel all the blood leave my body, I felt like I was going to faint. When the young lady turned to me and explained that she was a volunteer firefighter and gets called out from time to time at work. She said 'How was the Traffic' & ' Did you find anything to do to pass the time sitting in the traffic'. She said it was something she had always wanted to do in the car, but never did. We spoke about it for about 10 min.
She said that she did not have her lunch yet and we could go to lunch together and continue the interview. She said that she would drive. We got into her car and as she pulled away, I opened up to her and spoke about sex & masturbation to her, the first time I had ever spoke about it to anyone else.
Today I was hired.
I still feel that it was strange to do it in the car & have people watch. But, I do like to think that I will be doing it again soon with the idea of someone working on the side of the road watching me.
Give it a try!



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