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Stuck in the Car

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I don't know that FM is right, exactly. In a way, its more F and M. But you will see what I mean. This happened exactly as it looks and I don't have the faintest idea why now I want to tell the world. But hey!


So, to my parents 'vacation' and 'cheap' were the same word. Not for us any aircraft flights to exotic places, nor fancy hotels, or even crummy ones, come to that. No, we had 'camping' holidays with a real crap-awful and tiny caravan. The first holiday I have any memory of when I was in the same van. Back then it didn't matter but now there were, as my best friend at school said 'Boobs 'n' Pubes' to deal with.

There was also my older-by-18-moths brother too. I dont know if he was behind me developmentally or ahead of me. I didn't know the timeline for boys back then. His voice was kinda creaky sometimes higher, most time low so I guess he was into puberty big time too.

Now, I had been an early starter and at the age of 13 knew how to get myself off, although then I hadn't needed to do it that often.

So, into my 15th year.

NOW I needed to do it often! Daily. Sometimes more than daily. I was usually wet down there and always horny. Here, though, was six weeks of communal living. Our parents did not see the need for a pup tent. (THAT would have cost money.)

Two days in and I was climbing the walls. Oh sure, I could go to the bathrooms on the road and jill one off which I did. But I had gotten into the habit of lying in bed at night having dreamy and VERY horny fantasies that usuall resulted in two or three good orgasms before drifting off to sleep. Our home is, surprisingly HUGE. All our parents money went into it and our bedrooms are not only massive but pretty sound proofed too so I can even make noises. (And I DO, when I cum).

So, one night, it was hot as all hell and I persuaded my parents I needed a walk to cool down. I figured that once alone in the woods I would jill off a couple of times and maybe indulge in what had become a favourite hobby of mine which was peeing outdoors. (Don't ask.)

So in the woods with the cool air around me, and dressed only in my sleep T I found me a lovely moonlit clearing. I sat for a while to be totally sure about the sounds of the night and that I was alone. then, I slipped the T off. I had never been naked outdoors before and this was a huge rush. I stood, caressing my budding breasts and hips and now and then dipping a finger into my rapidly moistening slit. (I shaved, even at that age. Many girls hate claggy pubes.) I was really into it. By now I had bent my knees and spread my legs a little. I had decided I would pee when I cummed too.

Man, I was TOTALLY away with the moment. I felt the orgasm begin to build and in my head I was getting fucked in the ass and in the pussy. (Something that now, at the age of 23, I TOTALLY love) I gave my nipple one last pinch and BLAM I was there. Cumming in huge grunting gasps alternating with jetting my pee onto the clearing floor. I just let it all happen. Once it subsided, and believe me, it took a HUGE time to do so, I reached for my T and shucked it back on and turned around and stared......

..... straight into the eyes of my brother! He was sporting a huge hard on and almost as soon as I turned around he started to shoot a massively impressive load into the grass.

Of course we had to talk about it and quickly. Was it seeing me that got him off? (No, apparently he was thinking about his girlfriend...although seeing me naked from behind helped.)

Was I grossed out that my brother had seen me not only rub one out but piss too? (Actually, and surprisingly, no.. in fact. hmmmm.)

So for the rest of the holiday we had little excursions whenever we camped out. We would more often than not make sure we went in opposite directions, but a couple of times we went together and masturbated together. We never touched each other, but it was kinda neat to watch.

When we got home, though, we did start to experiment together a little. We never went the whole route as some people here seem to have done, but we did masturbate each other and did a few other things too.

Parents, adolescent kids NEED some privacy.



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