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Stuart's Pool Party

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This happened about a month ago. Stuart's parents were going out of town for the weekend so Stuart asked if he could have some friends over. Arrangements were made and Stuart ended up with 4 friends over for the weekend; me, Aaron, Jeff, and Chris. We are all 14 and planned on spending a lot of time in the pool.

The weekend arrived and it was already hot when I got up Friday morning so when I got up I changed into my swimming trunks so that I didn't have to waste time getting into Stuart's pool. It is also normal for me not to wear a shirt, I spend just about the whole summer without a shirt on. I had chores to do before I could go to Stuart's so it was afternoon when I got there. At this point I didn't know I was in trouble, Stuart and the rest of the guys had plans for the last person to arrive and that was me.

When my dad dropped me off I grabbed my duffle bag and ran for the back yard planning to take my shoes off and make a mad dash for the pool. Instead, as soon as I set my duffle bag down, Aaron and Chris grabbed me and pinned me against the back wall of the house and then started drawing circles around my nipples with their finger tips. I was going to ask them what the hell they thought they were doing but I decided it felt too good and my dick seemed to agree. Stuart was putting some stuff out when he walked by and grabbed my crotch with his free hand, he just said 'nice'.

Stuart came back and the fun really started. Stuart got on his knees in front of me and pulled my swimming trunks down to my ankles. At this point I was totally embarrassed, no one had seen me naked in 6 or 7 years and I had a hard-on too. Worse yet my dick was getting harder, I don't know if that was because I was embarrassed or horny. Anyway Stuart looked at my package for a short time and then started feeling my package, he wasn't feeling it in a sexual way but just checking it out, maybe comparing it to his own. A little bit later Stuart started stroking my dick, I wanted that feeling to last forever. I closed my eyes and laid my head against the wall and enjoyed what Stuart was doing to me. 5 or 10 minutes later, it seemed like hours, I opened my eyes and looked around. About 20 feet in front of me was Jeff, sitting on the ground, totally naked and stroking his hard dick. This was the first time in my life that I had seen another person naked and it was all I needed. All of the sudden I let out a loud groan and rope after rope of cum started squirting out of my dick, I didn't think it would ever quit. Stuart kept stroking me until he got the last drop out of me, by this time Stuart had my cum all over himself.

Aaron and Chris finally let me go and I collapsed onto the ground trying to catch my breath. About 15 minutes later I decided to sit up and take my shoes off. At this point I noticed that Jeff had cum and that I was sweating profusely, there was a big wet spot on the cement where I was laying. After I took my shoes off I stood up and kicked my swimming trunks out of the way and headed for the pool totally naked. Everyone was surprised that I didn't put my trunks back on. I asked them why should I, you guys saw me cum, what's left? Jeff, Aaron and Chris joined me in the pool, Jeff didn't put his trunks back on either. The 4 of us watched Stuart while he set a few things up and we planned my revenge on Stuart.



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