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Stroking Underwater in Front of a Woman

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Partied up at our cabin around the campfire, then into town and got loaded. Came back around dinner time and threw steaks on the grill. Just then my two smoking hot cousins came by because they are staying at the other cabin and their parents are out for the night. They are 21 (M) and 19 (D) respectively. We, four guys in our 30s, are all buzzing and decide to go for a swim at dusk...basically with what we are wearing...shorts and a t-shirts. So the sun is setting and the water is like glass, except for the ripples of us jumping off the pier.

Soon, between the booze, the darkness, and the uncomfortable wet & heavy clothes...the idea of skinny dipping takes a hold. M is sitting near the end of the pier with her jeans rolled up and her feet in the water. We have the tunes cranked and now have removed all of our clothes and have been running down the pier, past her, and into the water. She knows we are naked and running by her. Her sister (D) has walked up by the fire and is timidly watching from there. M on the other hand, is being bold and confident, standing her ground and laughing and talking to us.

My three friends grab their clothes and make their way to the cabin. I on the other hand, am fascinated by M's sheer bravado and willingness to talk to me, face to face, with the water line resting just below my waist line. I am about five feet from her feet in the water. She is looking down at me from the pier and having this great conversation about music, the weekend and dinner. I'm buck naked with a large hardon that keeps exposing it's head with my laughter and movement toward shallower water. The light of the sky is enough for us to see each other clearly, but as far as I can tell, she can't see my penis because of the mirror reflection of the sky in the water...but that's just MY perspective.

So we talk and I move to about three feet from her. She is swaying her legs front to back in the water and causing ripples to hit my body and lower abdomen. I slowly reach for my hard cock and give a few gentle pulls and test for a reaction. She doesn't even bat an eye and keeps talking about bands and even brings up what fun we seem to be having. So I keep stroking (and talking the best I can, did you ever try talking normal while masturbating? HARD TO DO!) So we just have this normal conversation...I'm completely naked in the water in front of her stroking my penis in full lengths now, not frantically, just effectively. And then I feel it coming on...the pressure, the cold water, the cold air, her voice, her jeans and the surreal crazy CFNM moment I've created. It was amazing...to reach a full and complete climax in front of a gorgeous woman who is talking to you like nothing is going on. I stroked very slowly and came and came and came and pretended I was listening to her every word. It was awesome.

I carefully moved my hands to the side and swished the water around us to once again be inconspicuous. My dick settled down to about 60% hard and full. And, with all the confidence that she upheld, I slowly walked toward shore, the water receding from my lower back, down past my white butt (tan lines) and back down to my tan legs, stepping onto the pier that she was now standing up on and walking toward me.

I needed to turn toward her to get my wet clothes and squatted down to reach for them. She now was standing three feet in front of me. I stood directly up, holding the clothes in front of my dick and balls...We smiled at each other and I said, I'M COLD...and she said I BET. I turned around and she watched me make my way back up to the cabin.

To this day there is always fun and playful interest and banter between us online and such. She must have been into it too.



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