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Stroking My Rear

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My story began about a month ago when I was selected for the varsity tennis team in high school. I am an eighteen year old senior who does really well in school. Tennis practice is gruelling and by the time I get home, eat dinner and do my homework I am exhausted and pretty much ready for bed. I usually stay up for another hour or so just watching TV with mom. Dad died two years earlier.

After my shower at home I usually put on an extra large man's shirt, bra and my panties. That becomes my pj's as well. Sometimes when I get on the couch after dinner mom lets me spread out and lay across her lap while she and I watch TV. My head is on a pillow and my hips are on mom's lap. She runs her nails over the backs of my legs and my lower back while on the couch and more than once I have fallen asleep and mom had to wake me and tell me to get to bed.

A week ago we were in our usual positions after dinner and I was totally enjoying mom's nails going over my legs and inside my thighs. I knew that in about ten minutes I would once again be asleep with mom on the couch. Mom said, 'feel good?' I just mumbled 'mmmm.' I then felt mom lift up the bottom of my shirt and pull down my panties to where my legs meet my butt. She traced lines over my bare butt with her nails. I absolutely loved it. Mom asked me if she should stop doing this and I said, 'no way.'

For the first time I began to experience other feelings and I knew they had to do with mom touching my bare butt. I honestly didn't want her to stop. I also didn't fall asleep. This went on for two more evenings with no change. Mom made no effort to do anything more and I don't think she really had any intention of doing anything more. It was me who changed things.

It was last Friday and I felt really charged up if you get what I mean. I hadn't jilled in over a month and I knew I was getting moody. As mom ran her nails over my exposed butt I abruptly turned over onto my back. My pussy was now exposed instead of my butt. Mom inhaled rather loudly which sounded like a gasp. She just said my name and I didn't say anything. I had my eyes closed so I have no idea what mom's expression was like. Several very long seconds went by and I just waited for I don't know what. I heard mom finally say, 'sweetie, are you OK?' I whispered, 'no, I'm extremely horny.'

She then said, 'what do you want me to do, I don't know what you want.' I said, 'finger me.' I felt mom's fingers in my pussy hair and then she started to squeeze my outer pussy lips and shake them a little. I was ready to go crazy with anticipation. I draped one leg over the edge of the seat in order to be able to open my legs to some degree. She then said, 'do you want me to make you cum?' I said yes.

I felt her finger enter my hole and move in and out. I actually heard sounds of moisture. I was a little embarrassed at that. With her other hand mom exposed my little clit and began to gently squeeze it. It's only the size of a pea. Oh God did it ever feel good. I thought I would explode. I was panting and I said, 'mommy, please make me cum.' She started both squeezing and then rubbing my clit over and over while she added another finger to my hole and kept on pumping in and out until at last I came. I thought I might fall off the couch I was bucking my hips so hard.

All was very quiet for at least two minutes. Then, mom said, 'I really shouldn't have done that.' I said, 'mommy, don't say that, I loved it and you made me feel so good.' She reached down and pulled up my panties and pulled down my shirt hem and told me to go to bed. I went promptly to bed and fell fast asleep in seconds.

I looked up mother-daughter masturbation and stumbled onto this site which I think is terrific. I figured I just had to tell someone and a stranger in this case is the best person to tell.

The next morning I thanked mom for what she did and I asked her if she would like me to return the favor. She said that that wouldn't be necessary and she was just glad to see that I was happy and felt better. I asked if sometime she would do it to me again and mom said, 'we'll see.' Of course to me that means yes.

I don't understand why some people view this as being so wrong. I loved it and I honestly think that mom enjoyed doing it to me because it made me happy and contented. I don't think she did it for her own sexual pleasure. I wish she would allow me to reciprocate.



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