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Stroking for Susan

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Susan called and said she and my nephew were close to my house and that they wanted to come by for a visit. I said that I'm always happy to see them.

Susan and I have a history together. When I visited my nephew one day after they were married a few years, him and Susan were fighting, as I looked at Susan with my nephew looking at her I started looking at Susan's legs and butt and started getting turned on. As Susan argued she took glances at me and caught me a few times looking at her legs and then took a glance under the table and noticed my cock was hard and hanging a little out of my shorts. I looked down and then back up at her and she kept arguing and took another glance down at my cock. I got more turned on reached under the table and pulled my left side of my shorts back and tucked them under showing her all of him. Susan glanced down at him for a few seconds this time, and from then on I was hooked on showing Susan my cock every chance I had, showing her how much her beautiful body turns me on. Many times I would sit in front of her so that only she could see my crotch and I would ease my cock out of my shorts so she could see it as we talked. It's so exciting exposing my hard cock to Susan.

I quickly went to my room and changed into loose shorts and a t-shirt only. A few minutes later they pulled up my driveway and parked. I noticed that my basketball backboard above my garage cast shadow on Susan only. They were talking in the car and seeing only Susan with shade on her I moved to the right side of the window and dropped my shorts. My cock was hard and I started stroking him looking at Susan. After a few seconds Susan started looking my way and noticed what I was doing, she watched me for the next few minutes as I stood there jacking off looking at her face. I stood there enjoying myself, feeling how good my cock made me feel with Susan taking glances at him and at my face too.

My shorts were down around my knees and my right hand held up my t-shirt above my cock. It felt so good showing her my cock. After a few more minutes they got out of their car and Susan took another glance at my cock ans smiled. I pulled my shorts up and walked down the hall into the bathroom to rinse my hands as they came up to the door and knocked. Susan came in first, we hugged, she said 'it's good to see you again' smiling. After we greeted we sat down, Susan took the chair to my right with a view down the hall and my nephew to my left. Susan was wearing shorts and they rose up her legs as she sat.

After I got them something to drink my nephew asked if I could put on the basketball play-off game, 'sure, no problem'. I then excused myself saying I needed to finish some downloads on my computer and that it will take about twenty minutes. They said 'yeah, go finish up'. As I got up Susan flashed me a slight smile. When I got to my room I looked back and could see all of Susan sitting on the chair. I closed the door half way and kept my eyes on Susan's exposed right thigh. Susan glanced down the hallway at me and then back to the game. My cock got hard and I dropped my shorts to the floor. Susan was twenty feet from me as I started jacking off at her, naked from my waist down.

As they talked and watched the game Susan would glance at me stroking my cock a few times a minute even though I was clearly in her peripheral vision. After eight minutes I became bold and opened the door wide and stepped under the frame of the door with the bright light coming through the bathroom window and door to my left. I was so turned on standing there jacking off at Susan knowing she's watching me every second. Susan leaned back and took a good look at my cock being stroked and up at my eyes as she lifted her left hand up the side of her face covering her eyes from my nephew and looked at me stroking my cock for a minute.

I then walked up as close as I could to her without being seen by my nephew. Ten or twelve feet from her I stood masturbating for Susan to see. I was getting ready to cum so I walked back to my room and spread a t-shirt on my desk and shot my load as Susan watched. I stood there stroking all my cum out watching Susan. Susan smiled and went back to watching the game. Susan looked at me and said that I was missing a good game. I told her that I was almost done as we talked looking at each other. I was so excited talking to her naked from my waist down with her eyes on my cock being stroked. I folded my t-shirt and threw it in the basket in the corner. I grab my shorts and walked to the bathroom smiling at Susan as she stared at my cock. I cleaned up and went out and joined them.

As the third quarter started Susan asked if I wanted to see some pics they posted on Facebook. I'm not into that and not having an account she had to login to show me. She told my nephew it won't take long. Susan logged onto Facebook and started showing me the pics and telling me where they took them. Standing over her and looking at her legs I started getting excited again. My cock got hard and so I pulled him out behind her as she sat. As she talked I rubbed her neck with my thumb and after a few minutes I started using my cock. I didn't know if she noticed or not but I kept doing it. I then sensed that she knew all along that it was my cock, and when she lifted her right shoulder up and squeezed it, I was sure of it. Over the next few minutes I would rest him on her shoulder, rub her ears with him and just stand behind her masturbating.

Susan then pulled back a foot and put her left ankle on her right knee and turned to her left as I came around to face her stroking my cock. Susan kept changing pics and talking and staring at my cock being stroked. I kept looking at her face and legs stroking my cock. I dropped my shorts to the floor and got on my knees and started feeling and kissing her left leg. First the top side and then her outer thigh and then her inner thigh and then the back of her leg. Susan stood up and dropped her shorts and panties to her knees and turned facing the hallway. I was so happy feeling and kissing her butt. Her legs were close together so I rubbed my cock up and down them as I also rubbed my face all over her butt.

Susan said that was the end of the pics and wanted to check one more thing. She then stepped out of her shorts and panties and grabbed a t-shirt that was on top of my bed and quietly laid on my bed with her butt on the edge of the mattress, put the t-shirt over her chest and motioned me over to her. I stood between her legs jacking off over her. Within two minutes I was about to cum and she knew it. I came on her, what a thrill that was. I took the t-shirt and wiped my cock and went to my knees for a minute to kiss and feel her thighs and pussy. I stood up and mentioned I bought my first digital camera. I reached over and grabbed it off my dresser and powered it on. Susan sat up as I got on one knee and took a picture of her. I stood up and motioned to her to look at my cock. I took several pics of her looking at my cock, one smiling and one of her licking her lips and one just looking at him.

Susan got up and put on her clothes and thanked me for the use of my computer. I put my shorts on as she went back to the living room and then I went to the bathroom to rinse off my cock and mouth.

I joined them and we finished watching the game and then we went out to the front yard and talked a while sitting on chairs under my tree in my enclosed yard. An hour later they left.

I went to my computer and down loaded the pics of Susan. I sat there masturbating watching her on the screen looking down at my cock.

An hour later Susan called and thanked me for everything. I told her that I was jacking off with her on the screen watching. Susan laughed and said to enjoy and good-night before hanging up. I love Susan and I'm so happy she likes and lets me jack off in front of her when we get together.



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