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Stroking for a Stranger

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A story from last summer that I would like to share!


Last year I moved into my own place. I had never lived alone before. I was a bit scared of handling everything myself, but I was very excited about the freedom! My apartment is the upstairs of an old house, and the property has lots of trees and bushes so I have all the privacy I could ever want. I hate wearing clothes, so I spend all my time in my apartment naked.

My kitchen directly faces the wooded part of the property, and no one ever goes back there, so I don't worry about keeping the blinds closed in there even though I'm naked. One weekend last summer I was washing my dishes and enjoying the sunshine on my body when I noticed something from the corner of my eye. Someone was in the bushes! From my quick glance, it looked like a little girl so I quickly exited my kitchen-the last thing I need is some angry parent coming by, getting me in trouble because of what their kid saw while trespassing! Since I was worried about any reactions, I went into my bathroom to look out the window-that window is small and faces the same direction as the kitchen, so I could spy without being seen. I was very surprised to find that it wasn't a little girl in the bushes, but a grown woman! She only looked little from my quick glance, because she was on her knees with a hand between her legs!

My mood changed suddenly from fear to arousal as I thought that this lady might have been pleasuring herself because she saw my body. My cock swelled to its full seven inches and I knew it was time to get off. I was a bit nervous, but I walked back into the kitchen and stood directly in the window, at an angle so she could get a good view of my manhood. She smiled at me, and I smiled back, then I grabbed my cock and started slowly stroking for her.

She stood up and wiggled out of her little sundress, allowing me to see her entire body. She was a skinny blonde girl, with tiny tits and a little strip of dark hair above her pussy. She leaned against a tree and continued to pleasure herself, rubbing her clit with one hand while she fucked herself with two fingers of the other. I kept pumping my tool, spitting on my hands to keep things nice and slick. Her eyes and mine met from time to time, but most of my time was spent watching her finger fuck her gorgeous little slit.

I wasn't trying very hard to hold back, so it didn't take long before I felt my load surging up from my balls. I moved closer to the window as my body tensed up and shot my cum, leaving big sloppy blobs on the glass. She licked her lips, then closed her eyes as her body began to shake with her own orgasm. She let out a big sigh, then opened her eyes and looked up at me with a big smile! I motioned for her to come in, but she shook her head and showed me her hand... that's when I noticed the wedding ring. I shrugged and waved, and she waved back, picked up her dress and continued her walk in the woods. I continued my chores, but in a much more relaxed mood than usual.



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