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Stroked by a Girl; Wanked by a Boy!

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Masturbation has, and always will be, a massive part of my life. This is an account of the first time I was ever brought to orgasm by someone of the same sex, and one of my all-time favourite orgasms.


It was a muggy, August night; the school holidays were in full flow, and my friends and I were busy doing what 15 year olds do during the six week summer break: try to get as much sex as possible!!

I remember the night clearly, because that was the night I'd finally pulled the girl of my dreams, Gemma. She was a year older than me, shoulder-length, dark hair, pale skin, and a pair of the roundest, pertest tits you could ever imagine! We'd kissed and messed around in a wood not far from my house, and luckily my two friends (Mark (yes, he was called Mark too, sorry for the confusion!) and Tom) had managed to hook up with Gemma's friends, so all was good!

I managed to get some great action rubbing those round tits of hers and also a good grope of her peachy little ass. She was wearing what could only be described as a tennis skirt, but the bitch wouldn't let me near her sweet, sweet pussy lips (not until a few weeks later, anyhow!). Every time I crept my finger slowly up the outside of her thigh, she slapped my hand away!

She did manage to give my rock hard cock a massage but only through my jeans...

I was like a rod of iron when I kissed her goodnight and headed towards Tom's, as we were camping in his back yard that night. The boys had encountered similar stoic, lady-like behaviour, though Tom claimed his date had given him a brief handjob (looking back now it seems inevitable what was to happen, but then, well...I just didn't even think about it)

We got to Tom's ten minutes later, and my cock was still straining at my jeans. We said goodnight to his parents, collected our bags from his room and made our way into the tent.

Ten minutes later we were zipped into one large sleeping bag down to just t-shirts, boxers and socks! We talked about the usual stuff: school, football, the ususl 'what would you do for a million pounds' conundrum! Then talk turned to girls; we talked about them like 15 year olds do, all the things we'd do to them, each of us trying to outdo the other's perversions...it got me ridiculously hard: I felt as if my cock would burst, thinking about Gemma's tight ass, squeezing her tits and then making her swallow my whole thick, creamy load!

Tom told us then to stop talking about it, or he'd have to 'chuck one out.'

Mark said 'Go for it...I'm not bothered!'

I simply shrugged, but was quietly excited to see another guys cock. I'd not seen many, certainly not erect ones, and when he pulled out it was beautiful. Tom's looked good enough to eat: about six inches, cut with a nice fat purple head.

He moved into the corner of the tent which was disappointing, because his cock wasn't in clear view. I was very aroused at this point and shuffled for a better vantage point...shuffled my hand straight into Mark's crotch. It took me a moment to realise I had my hand on his exceptionally stiff cock at first, but when I did realise, instead of moving it, I turned to look at him...he was staring at me with a placid, almost welcoming expression. I smiled, but felt 'weird' (I blame stupid society and their labels!), so removed my hand and continued to watch Tom.

Pretty soon, Toms breathing deepened and he growled out 'I'm coming!' shooting streams of chunky fluid into the corner of the tent...it was extremely erotic watching him blow his load then falling back out of breath.

There was a prolonged and semi-awkward silence thereafter, until Tom said 'well, g'night' and switched off the lantern.

I lay there, horny as fuck, but too shy to whip my cock out and relieve the tension. After an age (which was probably only about 30 mins!!) Tom began to snore. I rolled over away from him, deciding to try an get some sleep, promising myself a major wank-fest the following day!

Just ten minutes or so later, I heard Mark shuffling around, and then he draped his arm over my shoulder, obviously asleep. I didn't mind, in actual fact it was quite comforting.

Over the next few moments, Mark's continued sleep movements saw his arm slip, periodically, lower and lower until his hand lay on the outside of my thigh. Again, I had no problem with this...he was obviously unconsciously doing this.

A moment later, his fist balled snugly around my cock...this was not the action of a sleeping person!! My eyes flew open and I froze...in anger? In shock? In excitement? I don't know...but I certainly didn't stop him.

He deftly undid the buttons of my boxers and slipped my rock hard cock out of the flies...he stroked with such gentleness and skill I was struggling to stay silent. He knew how to wank a cock (something that I had rarely encountered as my experiences up until then had all been with girls my own age who generally were not seasoned wankers!).

After several strokes I was almost there...I decided to turn and tell him to stop before I jizzed everywhere. I turned and looked him in the eye, he regained a grip of my cock and milked expertly...I whispered 'you better stop before I cover this place' hoping against hope that Tom didn't hear (and secretly that he ignored my plea!).

He smiled and continued tugging, wrapping his free hand over the top of my cock to deflect the strings of jism that were about to drown him. I bucked my hips as the orgasm ripple through me and out the end of my penis, and Mark continued to pump like a champion until I told him it was too sensitive.

He then did something I never would have expected...he brought his cum covered hand up to his lips and began to lick my spunk off his fingers and palms.

'tastes much nicer than my own' he whispered and rolled over.

I managed to drop off shortly after, my thirst for an orgasm sated.



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