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Stripping, Dipping and Fapping

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When I was sixteen I was pretty heavily built and about 6'2'. I have light brown hair and dark brown eyes.

The summer after Grade 10 I went camping with two of my friends beside one of their cottages. My friends were Nathan and Will. Nate was about 5'10' and was built lean and muscular. He had dark semicurly hair, and dark brown eyes. Will was about the same height as Nate, but was much more thin. He had medium brown hair and blue eyes.

Now to the story.

It was late the third night we had been there. We had been playing some blackjack in the cottage, though it was around two in the morning, so we decided to for a swim.

'We should skinny-dip!' suggested Nate.

I was not too sure about it. I looked at Will. He didn't seem too sure either. Our bathing suits were still wet from the evening, so we decided to. What the hell.

This was the first time I had seen either of them naked. We stripped outside the cottage, so there was only the moonlight exposing us. I didn't catch much. Just some silhouettes here and there. We frolicked around in the water for a bit, then we decided to get out.

We grabbed our towels and wrapped them around our waists.

'We should go to the tent,' said Will.

Nate and I agreed. We grabbed our clothing and brought it back with us to the tent. In the final stretch we passed the clothes line. It would make sense for us to dry off and let he towels dry overnight, so we exposed ourselves again and darted to the tent.

We were all naked inside our sleeping bags. At this point we had spent nearly every minute with each other for the last nine days (as we had slept over at each other's houses before coming to the cottage) so we were all pretty horny. I turned on my flashlight to find my clothes. When I passed over Nate's sleeping bag, I noticed a large bulge midway down. I made a joke about it, but he was really embarrassed. Will joined in and said he was feeling excited too.

I then decided to pull out my laptop.

'Well then let's watch some stuff,' I said.

The other two agreed.

The computer slowly turned on. I went and found my porn stash, then chose my favourite video.

I turned it on, wih the volume in low. I placed it at the base of our feet. We all started rubbing ourselves either through the sleeping back or in it. This didn't allow much movement, but I was fine with that. My six-inched was already rock-solid.

Nate, on the other hand, slipped out of his sleeping bag. He stroked away at his cock. I soon followed, and then so did Will.

My eyes were not on the film. They watched my friends hands slide up and down their shafts.

'How big are you guys?' I asked.

Will said he was five and a half.

Nate was seven.

His cock was huge.

I continued up and down my member with my left hand. My right rubbed my stomach and chest.

The porno went on. A guy was fucking two girls in it.

As both girls loudly moaned I heard one coming from the tent. I turned and watched five spurts shoot out of Will's penis. They hit up his chest. He sighed and moaned, still lightly stroking his cock.

'That was nice,' he said.

I started to feel my orgasm coming, so I sped up and tightened my grip. As the man turned red and caused one of the girls to orgasm, it all came out. Seven spurts of hot white cum went everywhere around the tent. It hit the ceiling, my chest and Nate's shoulder.

'You're a good shooter,' commented Will.

I smiled.

Nate was the only one still going at it. I scooched closer to him, and slid my left arm onto his inner groin.

'What are you doing?' he asked.

'I'll do you,' I said.

He let go of his cock, and I grabbed it. I stroked tightly and fast. I felt his dick pulsating in my hand. It felt so good to stroke a larger cock like that.

As the man in the porno pulled out from one of the girls and started madly stroked, I did too. The man and Nate both moaned and be same time. Come came flying out of Nate's cock. It landed mostly on his chest in eight long spurts. He sighed.

'Thanks for that,' he said with relief.

I scooched back over to my spot.

The porno went to black, hiding our lowering cocks with the dark.

I went to go turn the laptop off, when Will asked,

'Do you have any more porn?'



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