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Strip Wrestling

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Have fun


When I was in eighth grade my friend and I hung out a lot at my house. We used to talk about stuff at school but one day he asked me if I ever jacked off. I said yeh, every now and then, and he said he did almost everyday. Then he said that he and his brother played an interesting game. I said what was that, and he said strip wrestling. I kinda figured what it was but he explained it anyway. You wrestle and whoever pins someone for three seconds has to remove a piece of their clothing. So I agreed to play. We shook hands for the first game and we wrestled. My cock got really hard thinking I was going to have sight of his cock and I knew he could feel it against his body because he made some comment. He lost the first round and took off his pants and was left with his boxers and his dick was sticking straight out.

He also lost the second round and took off his shirt. Then when we were wrestling for the second round he accidently touched my cock and he won. I took off my pants and my dick was sticking straight out in my boxers. Then he lost the last round and all he had left on was his boxers. I agreed to take mine off so he wouldn't feel embarrassed. So we turned our backs toward each other and slid our boxers down to expose our butts. We slowly turned round to reveal our erect dicks. His was a little tiny, it was about four and a half inches and some hair. Mine was about five and a half inches and I had a bush. We decided to do one round of wrestling naked.

Instead of shaking hands we shook dicks and we both kind of jumped at the thought of each of us having our hands on each others dicks. Then we wrestled and I could feel his dick flapping against my thigh and my dick was pressed into his chest. He lost again and our deal was that the person who lost would have to jack off the other one. So I lay down on the couch and he grabbed my dick. He went up and down and up and down. I wanted to cum quick so I grabbed a hold of his cock and jerked it up and down. I shot a load and I got hit on the stomach and a couple of seconds later he shot his load all over the side of the couch. It was a fun night.



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