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Strip Twister

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This happened in the early seventies.


I would hang out with a group of kids from my neighbourhood. I must have just turned 14 and my best friend Billy was a few months older. For several months we had been pulling down our pants and comparing the small growth of pubic hair and how our penises and balls had been getting larger. We didn't know much about sex and never heard about masturbation so we never tried it.

We had also been talking about the two girls we played with. Moon, (her real name), and Sam, (Samantha) were 13. Moons breasts were getting big fast. The girls wore tube tops back then and at the beginning of summer Moon was as flat as us boys but by the time school started and around Thanksgiving, when this took place, Moon had maybe B size boobs. I'm guessing since Billy or I didn't know about boob sizes but they were definitely the size of our fists. Then Sam started wearing bras too and her small nipples would stick through her shirt. Billy and I were planning for months about how we could get to see their boobs but we couldn't come up with any plan that would work. We played 'doctor' with the both of them when we were younger but we stopped that years before and we knew they wouldn't go for that game. The closest Billy and I had to seeing real boobs were the porn magazines called National Geographic.

One Saturday a bunch of us were playing outside when it started to rain and we headed to Moon's house. There were six of us. Billy, myself, Moon, Sam, her twin brother Shawn and Tony. We went to Moon's house because her parents and younger brothers were not home so we could just not be bothered by grown ups. We started to get bored and were looking for something to do and found a twister game. It wasn't something that we would normally have played but started joking about how we used to play it when we were younger. Moon told us about how her brothers played naked after their bath a few days before. Moon said she was spinning the dial and her mom took pictures. I think it was Shawn that suggested we could do the same thing and it sounded like fun. At first us older kids were against the idea but it got around to that it would be fun if we could do it like strip poker. Every time you went out, you had to take off a piece of clothing. The winner took nothing off and got to spin the next time. We did eeny-meeny for the first turn to spin. I can't remember who started, it's not important, but in about an hour we were all naked.

I'm still a bit surprised that we actually got through the entire game till we all took off our clothes piece by piece as we lost. I was the first to lose my underwear and the younger ones were surprised to see I had hair and my 'woody'. Billy and Moon were the only others that had hair then and even Moon had just a few small hairs. She was still basically bald. As we slowly all got naked we were a little reluctant to 'skin' each other but we all got more daring and by the end of the game we were trying to challenge each other to see how we could position ourself to see or feel each others more erotic parts. Naturally us boys all had woodies. I was the biggest at about 5 inches, Billy was maybe 4 inches, Tony and Shawn were still undeveloped at around 3 inches each. I think we were all a bit curious about the girls boobs. They were larger than what Billy and I thought after we saw them bare. I know all of us boys were trying to get where we could touch the girls and the girls trying to touch the boys but by the end of the game we were getting to the point where we didn't care who we got next to, as long as it was skin on skin. I certainly chose to get a few feels of balls and penises if I couldn't get in a position to feel the girls and to stick my woody against any butt, or anything at all, if I could. We didn't know what it was but now I understand we all just got horny.

The game ended when we just started to try and grab or avoid being grabbed in our private parts. That ended when Tony got his balls hurt and we stopped to make sure he was alright. I think it was Sam that grabbed him too hard because to make up for it she laid on the floor and let him feel her tiny boobs and pussy for a couple minutes. Soon we were all making deals with each other to take turns feeling each others parts. Billy and I even let the boys feel us and we felt them.

At some point Sam and I decided to lay on our backs, head to foot, and feel each other at the same time. Before, everything was timed, but this deal was that we could feel each other as long as we wanted or until the first person stopped. Before this we just sort of pinched or felt each other a little for 30 seconds or a minute. Now Sam and I found that we could actually get some pleasure from each other and started telling each other what felt good. After a few minutes I even found Sam's little hole between her legs and she actually told me to slide my finger in and out. At this point the others stopped their playing and sat beside us to watch. It never occurred to me then to even think that hole was where I could stick my woody. I remember it started to get wet and slippery and I secretly wondered at first if she peed on my hand but I knew it was coming from a different place. Either Sam or Moon showed me where the pee came out. Eventually I started to go back and forth between her hole and her 'nubby' with my slippery finger. As she told me to go faster, Sam started to rub up and down on my woody faster and even wrapped her fist around it. I found out this felt really great so I started to do her faster and as I did she went faster. At first I felt a little weird having the others just sit there around us watching but I soon forgot they were there. I was in heaven and felt something in my groin I never felt before. I looked down at Sam's hand going up and down faster and faster and saw her hand and my woody was wet too. I never saw that before and almost, for a second, thought of stopping to look at this stuff but I didn't want to stop what I was feeling. It was maybe 5 minutes later Sam started to moan and sort of scream quietly. She also grabbed my woody harder and I think, by accident, started very small strokes but fast right at the head of my penis. She found a spot that put me over the edge. She came just before me and just as she started screaming I shot three small squirts of cum on my belly. The others started to yell at us to stop but it was several seconds before we could.

None of us really knew what happened. We looked at my cum and each of us took a little in our fingers to feel. The girls especially wondered if something serious was wrong decided we should tell a grown up but how would we explain how we found out? Both Sam and I could only say we both felt great and we convinced Moon and Billy to try doing the same thing. They did and we figured whatever it was, was normal because Billy shot out a little of the same stuff. Both Tony and Shawn had to try it too. Moon and Billy were still tired so Sam and Tony went together and it was Shawn and me. We all had orgasms but the younger boys were dry cums. I still had one small squirt left in me. We figured it had something to do with being older and having hair and stuff. We played in different ways for about an hour more. The girls even talked Billy and me to lay on top of each other and rub our woodies together. We had orgasms but by this time they were both dry. I think we each must have cum at least three or four times that first day.

We had to stop and quickly get dressed when the rest of Moon's family got home. We all got out another door like we committed a crime. I guess we played twister about three or four more times, even had to included Moon's younger brothers one time but we didn't masturbate with them, just played strip twister with them. I think it was just me and moon with her brothers when I agreed to help babysit them. Our games ended later in the spring when Moon, Billy and I all had sex ed in our health classes and found out what the white stuff was. The girls were afraid of getting pregnant and refused to play with us after that. We played with just us boys a few times over the next couple years above Tony's garage and we saw both Tony and Sam get their first ejaculations. Billy and I stopped soon after but I did it with Sam a few more times without the twister game, mostly just him laying on top and rubbing our woodies together. It was a fun time for all of us.



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