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Strip Poker & Masturbation

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My wife and I married when we were 20 years old. When we were 28 her first cousin and his wife moved to a town near us and we got really close over a period of about six months. We did everything together. One day we went to the beach and later that afternoon we were sitting around our house trying to decide what to do that night. Her cousin and I were playing cards and all of a sudden Bill said, 'Let's play strip poker.' I said, 'Count me in.' It really surprised us both when our wives said, 'Deal the cards.'

Before I go any farther I think it would be good to describe ourselves. First, our wives are complete opposites. My wife is five-nine with short black hair and thick pubic hair. Her breasts are an impressive 38D. Ann on the other hand is five-three, with long blond hair and 36B tits. Both are slim but Ann has a broad ass. And as I was to find out, Ann's pubic hair is so thin it does nothing to cover her pussy. I am six-two and Bill is five-nine. Like our wives, Bill and I are both slim.

Before our first game was played some ground rules were laid down, by our wives, I might add. There would be no sex. We could do all the looking, touching and feeling that we wanted to do and we could masturbate. We could masturbate ourselves or each other. There were no limits to that.

The cards were dealt and play began. Bill's wife, Ann, was the first to lose an article of clothing. I was next. By the time the first hand ended, me, my wife and Ann were completely naked. Bill had on only his undershorts. We got dressed and began the next hand. After maybe a half dozen hands were played and everyone had been completely naked at one time or another, we decided that we would add a twist to the next hand. The winner, the person left with clothes on, could order one of the losers to masturbate themselves or masturbate one of the other people. Bill won that game and he ordered his wife to masturbate herself while we watched. My dick had been half hard since our first game but by the time Ann started rubbing her pussy I was totally erect. I had seen my wife masturbate before so Ann was only the second woman I had ever seen play with herself.

My wife won the second game and she ordered Ann to masturbate me. We were sitting in a circle in the floor so Ann moved over next to me and took my throbbing dick in her small hand and started jacking me off. It didn't take long until I shot cum all over her and myself. Bill won the next game so he ordered my wife, his cousin, to masturbate him. As I watched I knew he was in for a great hand-job because my wife knows how to handle a hard dick. She hardly touched his dick and he was shooting all over the place. I won the next hand so I ordered my wife to masturbate Ann. It was the first time she had ever touched a pussy other than her own, but she apparently did a magnificent job because it wasn't long until Ann had a screaming orgasm. Everyone in the group had cum except my wife and we all knew it was only a matter of time. Bill won the next hand and he ordered Ann to masturbate my wife. When my wife spread her legs to give Ann access to her pussy I could tell she was soaking wet. It didn't take long until Ann had my wife cumming like crazy.

It is amazing how horny one gets while watching all of this. By the time my wife had finished her orgasm, Bill and I were both hard. We continued playing cards until the wee hours of the morning and I lost count of the number of time we all came. I do know that by the time Bill and Ann left for home, both me and my wife were totally spent and totally satisfied. We were asleep by the time we hit the bed that night.

Before they left that night we made a date to get together the following week for another round of masturbation. That first night happened twenty years ago and we still get together at least once each week. We have not grown the least bit tired of our masturbation games. Bill and I both have done something we never thought we would do and that is to masturbate each other, but hey, our wives ordered it so we complied. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be the first time I did it. Neither of us thinks anything about it now. Bill and I have shot our cum on both of the girls. There probably isn't a part of their bodies that our cum has not splattered on. Our wives have rubbed their pussy juice on both of us and often use their juice to lubricate our dicks while jacking us off. I have smelled and licked Ann's pussy juice off her fingers as well as from my fingers and Bill has done the same with his cousin. Both wives have have been known to lick their fingers clean also, whether it be our cum or pussy juice.

We have stuck to our rules that we made that first night and even after twenty years, masturbation is the only thing allowed. As soon as I finish this I have to take a shower and get dressed. We are expecting Bill and Ann to arrive in less than an hour. My dick is already hard in anticipation of another fun night.



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