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Strip Poker

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A few months ago, my friend Jake bought a small house in the suburbs. After he got himself moved in, he invited our little group over for a night of conversation and poker.

There were five of us. Jake and myself along with PJ, Helen and Tim. Before we got started with our game, PJ suggested we play strip poker, to make it interesting. We're a close group, and we all go way back. We've all seen each other naked before on some occasion, so we're not uncomfortable around each other. We all agreed, and the game began.

The hands were dealt. Bluffs were called. Slowly, each player began losing articles of clothing. PJ lost first, of course. He stayed naked at the table as the rest of us got more and more naked. Socks. Pants. Skirts. Shirts. Bras. Panties. After about an hour and a half, everyone was naked. It was down to me and Jake. Him in his boxers, me in my panties. The last hand was dealt. I got a pair. But it wasn't enough to beat Jake's flush.

In all of this, I had been getting a bit horny. I could tell everyone else was getting a little turned on as well. I quickly stood up and dropped my panties, now completely naked in front of my friends. Jake was the winner. But I had a crazy idea. 'How about double or nothing' I asked him. Jake was intrigued. I explained 'whoever loses the next hand has to run around the block naked.' Jake was game. I asked if anyone else wanted in, but no one did. No partners if I lost. Oh, well, I still wanted to go through with it.

Cards were dealt. I had nothing. I lost.

I waited as everyone else got dressed. They wanted to watch me run, of course. Not that I would welch on this bet, they just thought it would be hilarious to watch me run naked down the street. As I waited, my heart started to beat faster and faster. What if I got caught? I couldn't explain to a cop 'but Officer, I was just making good on a poker bet!' That wouldn't get me in any trouble. But I had to do it. It was late, and there probably wasn't anyone around.

The night air was fairly chilly. I shivered slightly as I stepped out onto the porch. Everyone else followed behind. I didn't want to stop and think about it, so I just smiled at them and began a light jog down the street. It was such a strange feeling to me to be naked outside like this, though I did my fair share of skinny dipping over the years. But this was so much more open. There was nowhere to hide if a car came by. Best I could do was dive into some bushes.

As I turned the corner, I stopped jogging and just walked. The more I walked, the hornier I got. My pussy was soaking wet, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I went to the side of the road, and found a nice spot that was just out of the way enough. Anyone looking would see me, but that was part of the thrill. I leaned against a tree and my hands quickly went to work. One pinched my nipples, the other found its way to my aching pussy, rubbing my clit and slipping a finger in and out. It didn't take long, and I did my best to muffle my scream as I came. I took a moment to catch my breath then began my walk back to the house.

My friends were very surprised to see me stroll up to the house. Once inside, I got dressed, and we continued the conversation. When I got home later, I got out my vibe and made myself cum again, thinking about being outside and having the whole world watching me.



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