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Strip Poker

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I have a pretty tight group of friends. Most of all, my best friend is named Chase. He and his fraternal twin, Jess, usually hang out with me and my girlfriend, Sara. We chill at someone's house, talk, play video games, that kind of stuff. One day in the summer, it was really hot. School was out and we were bored, so as bored teenagers, we tried to find a pack of cards. We did some kid's games; crazy 8s, go fish, that kind of stuff. When people were starting to get bored, someone(I think it was Chase)suggested poker. We were all up. We couldn't find anything to be with, so Sara suggested we play strip poker. I was floored. My girlfriend isn't shy, but she isn't the type to get naked. Even we hadn't done anything sexual, just some groping. I was up, but worried that my best friend and his sister would see my girlfriend naked! Still, it would be worth it to see them too. We all agreed with little hesitation.

Let me describe everything. It was summer, so all we were wearing was a shirt, shorts, and underwear. Nothing else, not even shoes or socks. It would be a fast game. I have a pretty good sized dick, a little over 6 inches, cut, and messy black hair with a good bush. I don't know anything about Chase, we haven't seen each other naked for years since he was little, but I remember he wasn't circumcised. He and Jess both had light brown hair. Jess was good looking, nice frame, curvy, nice B or C breasts. She would be attractive, but it would be weird seeing as she's my best friend's sister and all. Finally, Sara. She is drop-dead gorgeous. She has lovely, long blonde hair and big D cup breasts I got to fondle some Friday nights. This would be a fast game, but fun.

After a few hands, things were coming off. I lost my shirt right away, and so did Jess. I just started to realize how attractive she was. Then Sara lost both her shirt and shorts in a row. I was so turned on, seeing her just in a bra and panties. Chase was still fully clothed, lucky bastard.

Jess lost the next hand and slowly took off her jeans. Her panties were nice, light blue with a matching bra. My girl was hotter though, with her hot skimpy black lace bra and thong. Next came Chase, who gave his shirt up. He was well toned, with nice muscles and a tan. I'm straight, but I could tell he played a lot of basketball. I lost next. Damn. I begrudingly slid off my jeans and revealed my blue boxers to the world. It wasn't the boxers so much that embarrassed me, but it was the great big boner lying inside them. Both girls giggled, including Jess. One more and I would be naked, in front of my best friend, his sister and my girlfriend. I was crossing my fingers. Luckily, I wasn't alone in being close. Chase lost the next hand, and revealed his patterened boxers also with a noticable bulge. Now we were all in our underwear. The next hand would reveal something big.

It turns out Jess was next to show a little skin. I saw her erect nipple poking through the fabric as she undid the little clasp. Her bra fell away to reveal lovely breasts. The nipples were small but puffy, and a bright pink at the very tip of her mound. It looked like a little pencil eraser. My girlfriend lost next, and I was excited. I forgot Chase and Jess instantly as saw her slip off her revealing bra. Her breasts were big and better than I expected. The mound rose to the top, revealing large, goosebumped areolas tipped with a bright red tip. I had to fight myself not to rip off my boxers and go at it, as I knew how sensitive her little gumdrops were.

Jess lost once again with a pair. She stood up and slowly pulled down her wet blue panties, and threw then in the corner. I am an only child and haven't done anything sexual with my girlfriend, so this was my first vagina. It was amazing, and totally shaved. All I could see was a simple crack, but it was enough to make my cock about to rip my boxer shorts. Next loser was Chase. He stood up and reluctantly put hs hands on his boxer shorts. He took his time pulling them down, and was clearly trying to add tension. Impatient, his sister grabbed the shorts and pulled.

I think I gasped, as he had the biggest boner I had ever seen (not that I had seen many). The head was underneath a tight foreskin, coming off a rock hard 9 inch shaft. The whole thing was amazing. I'm not gay, but I was fascinated, as it was the first boner I had seen, other than my own. He looked first at his sister, then at my girlfriend, apologized, and said his hormones were taking over. He raised his hand, and slowly stroked his giant. All that was left of the game was Sara and me.

We made a bet before we showed our cards. Whoever loses has to 'help' the other. I agreed, thinking it would be a win-win. It turns out she won, and pulled my boxers off me as my hardened cock was out for all to see. The twins were helping themselves as I looked at them, Jess twisting her nipples and fingering herself, while Chase was stroking away to the scenes before him. My girl pulled off her panties and sat down in front of me, legs wide open. I had a view any guy would commit murder to see. I slowly caressed her wet inner folds, and saw a little pearl appear inside her. I touched it and flicked it and played with her soaking sex until I heard her moan, and her bright blood-red lips closed with me inside. I took care of myself afterwards, and knew we had to do this again sometime.



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