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Strip Club

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This happened several weeks ago. Me and a few friends (all guys) went out to concert and afterwards we deceided to go to a local strip club. My wife does not want me to go to any strip clubs let alone an all nude strip club. In NY these are called Juice Bars since they cannot server alcohol. However, the plan of course is to tell her nothing. So we proceed to the strip club, pay our $10 entrance fee and sit down. At the stage is a beautiful all naked girl dancing around. I sat in the back where there were several strippers making their rounds doing dances for guys. To make a long story short I received several dances and some of the girls got quite frisky. Grinding on my cock as they danced, getting me hard, rubbing with their hand so no one could see, etc. Now this place has back rooms that are pretty much all private. The only problem is they also have cameras in them...and when the camera goes on it has a red light on it. However, just about anything can happen as things can easily be hidden from the camera. Now I have gotten dances in the back room before and I won't allow any of the girls to do anything besides grind on me. I am too afraid of diseases, etc...not to mention Iam a married man! However, I have always wanted to have a girl get me off by grinding on me....make me cum in my pants. I don't know why but it seems so dirty and naughty. In all of my previous back room dances I have never cum in my pants. This isn't for a lack of trying either. Some of the girls really tried. Grinding for 10-12 mins straight. Even telling me they think they can make me cum. One time I was real close...maybe 15 seconds away from cumming in my pants when the time ran out (lights wents off, etc). The girl knew how close I was and instead of finishing me off...was trying to get me to do another dance ($$$). I decided against it. Well tonight was no different as I was now very horned up from getting table dances, gettin grinded on, and seeing naked girls. So I deceided to get a dance. At this place they have 'two for tuesdays' (doesn't every strip club?) and since it was Tuesday that is what I got. This gave me something like 12 mins with a girl in the back!! Anyhow I sat back down after buying my 2 tokens and set them on the table for all to see. This is usually when every stripper with eyesight will come running. What was weird is tonight that didn't happen. I waited about 10 mins before the hottest girl in the club came over and said 'Is everyone ignoring you or something?'. I was like 'Yea I think so'. She asked me if I wanted a table dance to which I said yes. She started dancing, grinding and touching. I was immiediately hard which she could easily see and feel. After about 2 mins of this I asked her if she'd like to continue this in the back. She jumped up and said lets go. Now before we went in the back I said 'Hold on I just need to take care of something' and I went in the bathroom. During previous back room dances I have learned that if your dick isn't properly positioned it will take forever to cum or start enjoying the dance. This time I wasn't going to let happen. I went in the bathroom (no one was in there) and I went to the urinal and took out my semi hard cock. I start quickly jerking it till I was rock hard and tried to get the feeling going so I could cum in my pants with the stripper. I put my dick back in my pants but postioned it so it was straight up and down so it would be perfect for her to grind on it. I went back out of the bathroom to where she was waiting and gave her my tokens. She led me to the room and said she'd be right back. I sat on the chair (more like a couch) and waited. While I waited I rubbed my cock through my pants. When she came back in the room (closed off by a curtain and just big enough for two people) she caught me rubbing myself and just smiled at me. She hit the button on the wall to start the dance (and turn on the camera) and turn on the red dim light. She immiedaiately started grinding on me..to which she felt me already hard and in the right position. She paused a few times to show me her beautiful pussy and ass. She must of known what I wanted...since I went to the bathroom...came out with an erection...and she caught me rubbing myself. After doing some light grinding and pausing to show me her beautiful pussy (about 2 mins worth) she got back into grinding position. The position she got in was..her ass to me, my legs spread, and she moving her ass up and down while pushing inwards on my cock. Right when she started this I started thinking 'oh my god...this girl might actually make me cum in my pants'. It was feeling really good as I had taken all the steps to make sure my dick was hard and in the right position. She also was working it real good. The way she was grinding felt like someone was rubbing my balls and jerking me off. Her ass was hitting/rubbing my balls all the way up to my cock head. I started groaning lightly so she would here me and know it was working (and NOT to move her position as it was absolutely perfect!!). I was saying stuff lightly like 'oh yea...mmm'. She was doing this for about 1 min when all of a sudden I lost it? I don't know what happend but all of a sudden I felt like I couldn't cum. I was still hard and it still felt good but just like all the other times I had a stipper grinding on me I felt like I needed a bit more to cum....real action. I started to get disappointed...but this girl kept working it. I never tried this...and I don't know why I did this but I started flexing my pc muscle. For those of you who haven't done this it is like trying to stop peeing (kegels for guys and makes your cock twitch/jump). When I started doing this I IMMEDIATELY started getting the feeling back! So I kept doing it. Flexing my pc muscle (making my cock flex/jump) and I started timing it with her grinding up and down. I am not lying but within about 30 seconds I started to feel it strongly. Now at this point she had grinded on me and goofed around for about 2 mins at the start of the dance....then grinded on me real serious for about 1 before I thought I lost the feeling. Now 30 seconds later I think I am ready to cum? I felt like a little boy...not a man of 33 for being ready to cum so fast...and not even with my pants off! At this point I actually start to get a bit nervous about the whole situation. Should I cum? Will she freak out? Will she laugh about how easy she made me cum? What if I have a stain on my pants...and my friends see...or worse my wife??? Well all of that didn't matter much because during that 5-10 second epiphany my new friend started grinding on me with a new intensity. She must of noticed I was real close as I was moaning a lot more noticable. And I had actually grabbed her around her waist with both hands and was holding her strongly as she grinded me. With all of my concerns in my head...I felt my balls fill up with cum as I was almost at the point of no return. She was like a machine. Up and down...up and down...all the while pushing into me. I felt the cum build up into my cock as I couldn't stop it now. At that point I actually said/moaned quietly 'ahh shit..yea'. Then it happened. As she grinded me I started to cum into my pants. As the first shot of cum left my cock I squeezed her with both hands on her waist where I was holding her and of course moaned noticably. The next pulse of cum shot out and again I squeezed her and moaned. With each rope of cum I squeezed her, moaned and then relaxed my hands. There was no doubt I was cumming. As she drained my cum... she kept grinding on me, although a lot more lightly, for about 30 seconds. Now when these girls do their dances they have a piece of fabric they put on your lap (to protect themselves in just this scenario). As she slowed up she turned back at me and looked down. I looked down too. The fabric had worked its way off my lap and there was my still hard cock pointing up straight with a large dark wet spot on my pants (I had on black pants). She looked up and smiled at me knowing she had made me cum in a total of about 1.5 mins of grinding. She covered my lap back up with the fabric and started grinding again (I still had like 7 mins left of my dance). I wasn't sure why she did this as I had already came and she saw that. I guess she had to make it look good for the camera? Make sure her boss doesn't know that she is making guys cream in their pants...at least not make it obvious by not dancing for the next 7 mins? Either way I was spent and feeling a bit embarrassed. How was I to get rid of the spot? Once again my worries went to the back of my mind as she once again grinded my cock to full attention. She was working it so much that the friction of her grinding was making my pants real hot. I started to think it would dry up the spot (maybe that is what she was trying to do?). As she grinded I started to get back into it again but didn't try to cum a second time. The dance finished and the lights went out and the camera shutoff. When that happend she started talking to me. Told me she hoped she 'made me shoot off'? I said 'Shoot off?'. She said 'Isn't that what guys call it...you know..I hope I made you cum...I get a B for effort don't I?'. She already knew this but wanted to hear me say it so I said 'You get an A for effort...you made me shoot off in like 2 mins'. She smiled and made some more small talk before we left the back room and I headed straight for the bathroom (luckily real close to the room I was in). When I got in there I got very disappointed because even with all the grinding/heat I still had a large dark wet spot on my pants. I went into the stall and grabbed some toilet paper. I spent about 5 mins rubbing furiously with toilet paper on the wet spot. I also cleaned up the cum from inside my pants. With all this effort I was able to go back to my friends with no noticable spot (black pants and a dark club). They were like 'Dude where have you been?'. I was like...'dude just a dance'. They didn't think anything. After we left, as I was driving home I got very horny thinking about the whole thing. I was on a highway that had a rest stop coming up where I pulled off and went into the bathroom. It was about 2:30am. I went into a stall...pulled my pants down and started jerking my cock. There was another guy in a stall (I think a trucker) going to the bathroom. I didn't care as I started jerking furiously. You could hear my balls slapping all through the bathroom...I am sure he knew what I was up to. I got the familiar feeling real real quick. The combination of what happened earlier and now blatently jerking off in a public bathroom was all I needed. I started to cum but this time into the toilet as I didn't want another mess to cleanup. After I collected myself and stopped breathing heavily I left my stall and washed my hands. I left, got in my car, went home and slept like a baby!



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