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Strip Black-jack

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I was having my best friend Edward spend the week with me while his parents were on vacation. About the third night of his stay, we were up late at night, bored as heck and we talked about girls, porn, and everything else. I was in limbo, with a half-erect cock. We were both fully clothed, so I asked if he wanted to play strip black-jack.

Edward, in the same state agreed. We said that the rules were that if you lost you had to either answer a question or take off a piece of clothing. It is important to know, that he had on many more clothes than I did, with socks, belt and sunglasses. Now, even though I had the winning hand most of the time, he was still clothed. I bet he thought it was odd that I didn't ask any questions. However, he soon caught up and I was in only my boxers. I lost, and stood, slipping my hands under the band. He stopped me saying, 'No,man, that is really alright.'

I was disappointed. Ever since seeing him naked in the showers at school I had wanted to have a mutual session with him; however after that, I stopped the game and was a sore loser. We got under the covers and turned out the lights. After a while he said.'Okay, let's keep playing. I will take off my boxers and so will you. Then we'll both have nothing to hide.'

This is when the game turned into a 'do' instead of questions. He asked me to run around the room, but lube on my dick, and slap my ass. At first he covered his eyes, but then he began to watch. For my part I had him give me a massage, and skip about. By this time, we were both hard as a rock, so when Edward was skipping his erect dick and balls would slap his thighs making me soooo horny.

After a while he began to ask questions: Had I every fantasized about a guy? Had I every tried to stick things up my ass? I was guilty on both counts, so was he. We each measured our cocks (with a ruler that happened to be handy) he was nearly six inches and I was slightly smaller at five and a half. After about two hours of being naked and rubbing ourselves he made THE dare.

'I bet you won't jack off, right here.' I sure was eager. He watched as I got out of bed and in full view began to yank my dick. In slow motion. He must have felt bad, because he said, 'Um, you can go into the closet if you want.' 'Too late now.' I replied, not wanting him to miss the show. He began to stroke his erect dick while intently staring at me. I had never been watched before so I had to work hard not to cum immediately. But I just couldn't take it, I sped up, began to moan, and then it happened: the most intense orgasm of my life. I shot ropes of cum everywhere: on the bed, the wall and the floor.

I was exhausted, but nonetheless I had Edward get out of bed and jack off too. He was oozing pre-come from his tall and stiff member. He was kind of nervous at first, but that only made me get hard again. He said while stroking, 'I have never wanked in front of an audience before.'

My eyes were glued to his dick and hand; they worked so well together. After a few minutes he looked straight at me and grunted. He gave me a seductive half smile and then came. Almost as much as I did. He wiped off and walked back to his bed, making sure I could see his dick the whole time.

Before we went to bed he said,'Wow, that was awesome.' Little did he know!



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