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String of Pearls

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A few years ago, my then boyfriend came home from work and told me that I'd have to get dressed up nicely because that night we were supposed to have dinner with some people his company was doing business with, and we were to go to a pretty nice restaurant for dinner. I hate dressing up, especially on short notice, but getting to go to a fancy restaurant once in a while would be a nice change, and from what he told me, the other people there were good company. So, not having anything decent around back from the cleaners, I decided upon a black sweater and skirt. I thought that it looked sort of dull, so I dug out the string of pearls that one of my sisters gave me as a gift a long time before. David wasn't that impressed, but I told him that on such sort notice, I couldn't do much better.
The dinner was ok, the conversation wasn't that bad, although I had the feeling that one of the men at the table was always flirting with me. Since David was trying to pay attention to what was being discussed on the business side, he sort of followed me with the corner of his eye. In the car he kept asking me why that guy was always talking with me, etc. I didn't know what to say, really, and just told him that I was sure it wasn't any big deal, but sort of was beginning to enjoy the slight jealousy that was coming out. Then, all of a sudden he told me that he kept looking at that string of pearls from the corner of his eye and had wanted to grab it, pull me over to his side of the table and kiss me. I thought that was a really hot thing to hear and then started kidding him about things that a woman could do with a pearl necklace, making it up as I was going. It was a good thing that we were already at home, because we were both getting in the mood to make out. It was my period, though, and I don't particularly like having sex during it, so I knew that I wasn't going to want to have sex, but would do some of the stuff that was running through my mind in the car.
We got in the apartment, as soon as the door closed behind us, he started to peel off my clothing, as I did the same. All I had left on was my pearls, and he was so sweetly pulling at them, dragging me towards our bed. He lay down, with his really sexy expression and his hungry looking erection staring up at me. I was on all fours over him, letting my necklace drag all over his skin, tickling him. He would at times tug at it to bring my face near his mouth, but would then let go, and wait for me to continue to tease him. I then took off the necklace, straddled him and started to wrap it around his cock, very, very slowly. The look on his face was amazing. But that was nothing compared to when I started to pump it all up and down. I guess the feeling of all of those pearls rolling over his cock was really wonderful, because he was moaning like I'd never heard him do before. I was in ecstasy just watching him and listening to him. Once in a while, I would bend down and put my mouth over the point of his cock. We went on like this for about ten minutes, and he kept making me take him right to the edge, then suddenly would put his hand over mine and let his peak sort of go down some. He was trying really hard to delay his orgasm, and I was loving every second of it. I kept asking him how he liked it, but he wouldn't say anything except moan. I started to unwrap it, and he looked like a lost puppy! So, I ever so slowly, with the most excruciating kind of slow I've ever done, wrapped it around again, our eyes casting fire at one another. That was it, just a couple more seconds of jacking him, and he came over my hands. When he started to come back down to Earth, I unwrapped the pearls just as slowly, and brought the sopping wet string to my mouth and started pulling it through my lips, sucking and licking the come off.
'Jesus! You are so fucking hot!' were the words I'll always remember. Although our relationship was near its end in that moment, and that was one of our last really fun sexual moments together, before deciding who gets the cat, the sofa, etc....I continue to treasure that really fantastic memory.



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