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Streaking and the Girl Next Door (1)

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My first experience streaking and turned out to be the best...


Just a little back story... I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. Our backyard is a decent size but the beauty is that the property runs against a large forest. This forest turned into a go-to spot during the summer for most of the kids in our neighborhood, as there was a large pond that most of us went for a dip in. There is a trail that ends in our yard where you can run off behind neighboring houses into the woods for a jog or whatever you may.

I never really explored the wild side of my sexuality. I was home alone a lot so I had the opportunity (and a couple times did do some exploring) but for the most part, my days were dull. One particular evening, while everyone was away, I did something quite spontaneous and I'm so glad that I did.

It was nearing the end of August and the evening weather was still fairly warm and mildly breezy. I was hoping to go outside and relax on the back porch one night. So I went outside barefoot, in a white-t and basketball shorts (no undies, the wind was lovely) and to my surprise it began to rain. I was pretty bummed, but I decided with weather that warm, it couldn't bother me. Without hesitation I stripped naked, it felt wonderful. Of course, with being naked and being outside my cock immediately sprung up. Thing wasn't coming down anytime soon either. I examined my six inch tool for a few moments, just sitting on my porch stroking before I decided to take off towards the pond.

This was unbelievable, I had never been streaking before this (for whatever reason that may be). It felt incredible to run unbounded by clothes and the rain only added to the effect. Needless to say it really got the blood pumping, I ran for at least a quarter mile before it got even better...

I made it to the pond, it must've been about a quarter after ten, so I figured I'd be alone. I jumped in and started swimming about, I felt like a little kid, blissfully enjoying the world around me with no consequences to follow. I was in my own little world until I saw a light. Had to have been a flashlight and that meant somebody knew I was out here. My heart sank. I immediately froze, at the same time I tried to make out the face of the figure approaching the pond, to no avail however.

The stranger trudged closer to the pond. I wasn't certain but it started to look like my gorgeous next-door neighbor Ashley. As she drew closer I soon came to the realization that it in fact was. Surely I was relieved, however knowing that I was out there with no clothes made me red in the cheeks.

Ashley was 18. Our families were often together for BBQ's and what not but I never knew her more than a friend. She was one of the prettiest girls in my school, strangely however she never made herself available to guys. With a beautiful face, cute butt and a good pair of B-cup titties, she would often be a subject of my teenage fantasies but like I mentioned, we were just really good friends.

She came right up to the bank of the pond wearing a pair of booty shorts, a school track-t and nothing but an anklet on her left ankle.

Ashley stood there speechless for a few moments with the biggest grin on her face, she knew exactly what I was up to. Still without a word spoken, she began taking off her clothes. First came her shirt; she slid it off revealing to me her beautiful titties. Then she took off her shorts leaving her in nothing but a pair of panties. In no time she joined me in the pond. We exchanged glances and she drew me in for a kiss.

'Wanna go back to my house?' I asked her. She replied with a smile.

We got out and started back to my house; she hadn't even bothered to grab her clothes. We got back to my house and immediately ran up to my bedroom. She pushed my back onto my bed and began kissing me passionately.

'I love you Dan, I have for quite some time-'

I cut her off, 'I love you too babe.'

We both skipped the stripping tease as we were both already there. She took my dick in hand and began pumping it. She looked up at me and I could barely match her glance, I was in heaven.

It didn't take very long for me to cum either.

'I'm gonna go cum babe,' my words were followed by six long ropes of cum, landing on her tits and face. Ashley smiled at me, wiping it up and licking her hand all over.


To be continued...



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