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Strangest First Time of All

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You talk about STRANGE! It certainly was.


I was 16 and in high school. After school, I'd kill some time across the street from school at a service station. These places sold gas, did oil changes, lubed cars, repaired tires, etc. I worked at this station during the Summer and knew everybody that worked there.

One day after school, these two girls showed up. One was the daughter of a man that worked at the station. He introduced me to her and she introduced her friend to me. The guys at the station knew I didn't have any girlfriends and they were all enjoying this. I really didn't feel anything like that with George's daughter though. She was pretty and of course I did notice her 'goodies' meaning tits, ass and legs.

Well, a few more days went by and a few more get togethers. It was then that the guys were kind of pushing me along a little including George. This would had been OK except what they were pushing for was for me to 'get some' of that talking about George's daughter!

Needless to say, most father's would be very protective of there own daughters. But, not George. Then things happened. His daughter took me by the hand and we went around the back to the lady's restroom. Me, her and her girlfriend all went in and she closed and locked the door.

We all stood there and George's daughter said 'we want to see it and play with it a little' pointing at my genitals. I answered 'no way'. As things went on, it was very obvious George's daughter had been around some when it comes to boys and sex. She said, 'come on and we'll raise our dresses and you can feel us'. When she offered this things were getting very hard to say 'no' to. She then did just that. Reached down and pulled her dress up to her waist. My eyes almost came out of my head and this really got me hard.

She saw this and reached down touching the hard bulge in my pants. I'd never had a girl touch me there before and it felt fantastic. By now I had gone from a 'no way' to a couldn't wait for her to see and touch it. She rubbed on it a little bit and said 'come on. Take it out for us'. I now couldn't get my zipper down fast enough to get it out. I pulled it out and excitedly stood there showing my dick to not just a girl but to TWO girls for the first time in my life!

George's daughter encouraged her girlfriend to also pull her dress up so I could see her legs too. She slowly complied and both of these girls had fantastic looking legs. George's daughter then reached over taking my dick in her hand. We all got closer together and I put my hand right between George's daughter's legs touching a pussy thru panties for the first time. And the feeling of her thighs was breath taking to me.

George's daughter then started stroking my dick and telling her girlfriend what she was doing and then she had her girlfriend try it. This was a first for her too. The daughter went back to jerking it with her very experienced hand. When I was close to cumming, she knew it and stood over out of the way (she knew) as the first shot of cum shot out hitting the restroom wall. Several more long shots of cum followed before coming down to falling to the floor. Her girlfriend was looking and said 'oh my gosh' when I first went off as she'd never seen this before.

We wiped the cum off the wall real quick and left. All the guys at the station were looking at us and laughing including George! They all knew we'd done something in there involving sex. George was even yelling 'hey Carl. Was it good'?

Of course, later hand jobs with close girl friends were much better but this one time thing I'll never forget. It was a pure sexual arousal thing with my showing my dick to girls for the first time and my first time seeing girl's legs up so close and having my hand between a girl's legs rubbing on a real pussy. It wasn't an intimate thing at all but it sure got me to lose a load all over a restroom wall right in front of two girls. Who could ever forget this!



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