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Stranger No Longer

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One day when I was 25, I was standing in line at a convenience store. The man ahead of me was about 24 and was very handsome and well built. He was wearing cargo pants. As he worked his way to the counter, he happened to pull up his shirt to get to his wallet. Seeing his well built body and skin turned me on. He put his purchase on the counter and paid for them. Just then he dropped his wallet and everything came out and fell all around. While he was bent over picking up the contents of his wallet, I looked down his pants and saw more of his body.

By now I was beginning to get a hard on. I put my hand in my pocket and moved my dick straight up in my underwear. The man left and I stepped up to the counter. I noticed something laying on the lower counter. It was the man's license and other important papers. I turned around to see if he was still in the store. He wasn't. I noticed the address on the license and decided to take it to him. I paid for my soda and got into my car.

I knew the area so I went to his house. I knocked on the door and I heard a voice from the inside saying who is there. I told him I had found his license and other papers at the convenience store and brought them to him. He opened the door and to my surprise only had on a pair of low cut white briefs. I noticed a rather large bulge in his underwear. He said thank you very much and asked me if I wanted to come in and have a beer. He said it was he least he could do.

I came in and he said he had been watching a video. I sat down on the couch and noticed that the video was on pause and the picture on the screen was a man with a large cock getting ready to put it in a woman's cunt. He returned with a beer and said he had been watching porn. Did I want to watch this or something else. I said that what he was watching was ok. He was still in his briefs. He asked me if it bothered me that he was in his underwear. I said it didn't bother me. He sat down and turned the video on.

As we were watching he began to put his hand over his semi hard on. I began to get very hard as I watched the man on the video enter the woman's cunt. The other guy reached in his underwear and began to play with himself. He told me to take off my pants and sit in my underwear. I said ok and opened my pants and slid them down. I was wearing bikini underwear and my dick was pushing at the material. He looked at me and said nice set of tools.

I began to feel myself up and then reached in my underwear and pulled my dick out. He saw me and did the same. The video now had two men working on this woman. She had one guys dick in her cunt and the other guys dick in her mouth. I began pumping my dick and the other guy looked over and suddenly reached over and grabbed my dick. It was a great feeling. I hadn't had another man play with my dick since my cousin had moved away. I reached over and touched his dick and he moaned. We spent the next 30 minutes jacking each other off. He came and spurted cum over my hand and his chest. I came on his hand and on my dick. What a rush. I dressed and left. I never returned to the strangers house and never knew his name.



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