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Stranger in the Park

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Taking a shortcut home leads to first male/male experience.


I remember it clear as a bell walking along the street praying for a taxi to drive by thinking I still had a good half hour walk left before I got home. I could take a shortcut through the park but wasn't too keen considering it wasn't the safest place to wander through at night. But I probably wasn't thinking that straight either so thought bugger this and jumped the fence and headed up the hill towards the bush at the far side.

Trying to keep to the path I was following I didn't pay much attention to the shadow of somebody further along sitting on one of the park benches. But the closer I got the more concerned I was with what they might say or do. Checking to make sure my wallet was deep in my back pocket I just walked past saying nothing. 'You got a light' he said, stopping to grab the lighter out of my back pocket I turned back and handed it to him.

Then before I knew what was happening he reached out placing his hand on the front of my crotch, I froze saying nothing. Instantly my cock began to grow to the point of no return as this guy unzipped my jeans sliding his hand inside to grab my shaft. Not a word was spoken as I stood there totally mesmerized by his actions as he released my cock from my jeans and slowly worked his hand up and down my shaft. Then standing up in front of me he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, 'It's all right just relax, I want you to cum, please cum for me your cock feels so good so hard'. What was I thinking, this stranger sliding his hand up and down my cock in the middle of the path, what if somebody walks past. I was so caught up in the moment I didn't even care and began breathing heavily at the amazing feeling he was giving me. Taking hold of my hand he placed it on the front of his jeans as I fumbled nervously to get his zip undone, by now eager to feel my first cock I couldn't stop but show how hungry I was for it.

Pulling it free it felt so hot in my hand, so different from playing with myself, rubbing it against my cock I wrapped my hands around them both and began working them together. This guy was obviously as fucking horny as I was as he moved back and forth telling me how good it felt and to keep going. I got so caught up in his moaning I swear I felt like I was in a trance. 'I'm gonna cum, don't stop', he said as he begun bucking wildly as I struggled to hold or cocks together.

Feeling his hot cum shoot across my cock into my hand, I worked it into our cocks like a warm moisturizer sliding it back over our shafts. I needed to cum I was so hot I couldn't leave like this, there was no way he was leaving me aching for an orgasm not when he'd just blown all over me. Taking my hand off our cocks he brought it up to his mouth and began sucking my fingers licking his cum from them, leaning in I began licking his cum from my hand and within seconds we were locked in a hot embrace kissing as we past what was still left of his cum between our mouths. 'Now it's your turn' he said as we parted for a split second.

Turning me round he sat me down on the park bench telling me to relax as he pushed me backwards so I was lying down. Then without warning he started trying to pull my pant down, 'No not here' I said, but my attempt to stop him was pretty lame, more of a prelude to some fantasy I was now playing out. My shoes came off within seconds and my pants followed soon afterwards as by this stage I was so consumed with this guy and with what was to come next.

With my eyes locked in on his he took hold of my cock and slowly worked his hand up and down my shaft using what leftover cum was still on my shaft as a lubricant. Telling me how hard my cock was got me grinding my hips like some dirty slut dying to get fucked as I lifted my ass up and down trying to speed up his strokes. Taking hold of my balls in his other hand he squeezed lightly as he let his middle finger slip down to the crack of my ass. Moving around I searched for his finger praying he may work it over my ass, trying to push down, praying for it to slip in. What a tease this guy is I thought, fuck what's he doing to me, 'Use that finger on my ass' I cried, 'Make me cum'. 'Beg for it', he said. 'Please finger my ass, please' I begged.

He worked his finger across my hole just resting it on the entrance pushing in just slightly then pulling back out. I shoved down on his hand forcing his whole finger in as he held his hand still making me fuck his finger. 'Fuck it, fuck it' he whispered, slipping a second finger in next to the first, 'Fuck my fingers you dirty little slut'.

I'd nearly forgotten about his hand working my cock over as I was so caught up in his fingers up my ass.'Fuck me, your fingers feel so good in my ass, fuck me please'.'You wanna cum don't you, your ass is so tight, so hot'. That was all it took, I bucked back hard as my ass clamped hold of his fingers as I cried out. Pulling me down trying to stop me shaking I erupted firing jet after jet of hot cum, the first landing on my cheek then my neck, I couldn't stop cumming, it felt so good. Slowing down trying to gather my breath sweat dripping off me I felt in heaven this was it the best, I had never cum that hard before. Who was this guy?

My eyes shut and I tried to hold onto this sensation, when his soft lips touched mine as we kissed long and deep only stopping for him to lick my cum from my face and neck. Stopping he looked into my eyes to say thanks for that it was amazing, I was lost for words, feeling all tingly I just kissed him back, and with that he stood up and walked off leaving me lying there with my pants around my ankles. It took a good five minutes before I could muster the energy to lift myself up, pull up my pants and head home, this encounter has brought me many a happy time when I find myself alone ready to play.



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