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Stranger in the Park

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I have a friend, a very special friend. He is my Silver. I am his rocket. When I think about him, I touch myself.


It is a warm summer day. I am out for a bike ride, the seat gently rubbing my clit as I ride, which gets me in the mood for something 'different'. I end up in the park, sitting on a bench, enjoying the view as the men walk by, trying to be discrete as I check them out. Our eyes met as you catch me, smiling in approval, as I check out your package. Hum, nice.

You approach me; sit on the bench beside me. You are friendly. I'm attracted to you, as you are me. Something about you excites me. Something about me excites your cock. I wasn't looking for a piece of tail. We talked and agreed on one rule, you can only touch yourself. I select the tree. You take me to it.

I'm wearing a short loose skirt, no panties. You're wearing loose shorts, elastic waist, but I can still see the hardness of your cock. I'm excited, horny, already wet. I sit close, up against a tree, spreading my legs, exposing my blonde pussy, inviting you between them. You slide your hand in your shorts, firmly gripping your cock, squeezing, as you kneel before me, getting a better view as I slide my hand between my legs, my fingers gently rubbing my clit, feeling the wetness of my pussy. You sigh deeply as you lower your shorts, firmly gripping your hard cock as you begin to stroke it. We say nothing, just play with ourselves, the occasional moan. You like how I wiggle my ass occasionally, raising my pussy closer to your cock, teasing you, getting you hornier.

We are in a secluded place, people can see us from a distance, but they can not tell what we are doing. I get excited as I watch you stroke your cock, how I'd like to play with it too. I want you hornier and gesture to you, as I pick up my bottle of water, may I? You nod in approval as I drip a few drops of cool water on the tip of your penis, the wetness causes you to make your own cock wet, hum. I lay back as you drip some water on my tummy, encouraging me to lift my top, which I gladly do. My erect nipples getting harder, more excited as the drops continue their way. I squeeze my breasts, rub my nipples as you continue to rub your cock with one hand, and drip water all over me and yourself with the other.

We both want to get hornier and come. We do play by the rules though.

You continue to stroke your cock, squeeze it tightly. Slowly, faster, harder. I keep rhythm as I rub my clit and finger my pussy, rubbing my juices down to my ass.

I change my position so I can slide my thumb in my bum as I rub my clit. Your cock throbbing, pounding, you moan as you get hornier, closer to coming. You are not sure how much more you can take, but you want it to last. You want to get harder, you like it when your cock's sort of hard and horny as it pounds. As you watch me fuck my ass with two fingers, you spit on your fingers and slowing move your hand to your ass and begin to rub, pressing firmly as you glide over your hole, gradually, slowly, inserting a finger. Your cock so hard. It excites me to know you are playing with your ass. I need to come. Your cock wanting it so bad, you stroke harder as you watch me move my hand from my ass as I begin to suck my fingers, deeper, harder. I again change positions, sort of squatting, rubbing my clit, no need for penetration.

You can tell by my wiggling and occasional moans I am ready to cum. You stroke, the way you like it, faster, harder, faster, you are so ready to come, but hold back, wanting me to come first. I arch my back and raise my pussy towards you as I frantically rub my clit, hard, fast, I bear down, give a huge moan, the second you feel me squirt all over your legs. You let go, you cum, squirting all over the grass before you.

Wow, simply incredible.

We smile at each other and 'collect ourselves' for a moment.

I always have 'wipes' in my back pack, handy thing to have. We chat a bit as we clean ourselves up then smile and go our separate ways.

As I walk away, I see some swings close by, I smile to myself and think maybe next time.

Hope you enjoyed, big hug, Rocket



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