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Strange White Juice

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First seed emission


I'll never forget my first self-induced orgasm. I'm always amazed at the few stories on this site that mention that they don't really remember their first self-induced orgasm. I truly don't think I could ever block that from my mind, as it was such a life-changing event that still affects me to this day.

I had started Junior High School back then in the seventh grade. It was then that we first were required to take showers, and I surely was checking out my friends sexual development that I had known for several years up until then and comparing against my own development. I always thought I was a freak because I developed pubic hair around the sixth grade, and so many boys in seventh grade still had no hair or enlarged genitals like my own. I felt like mine were somehow huge beyond normal and much more hairy than the boys that still had little-boy dicks and balls the size of half-walnut shells. I was incredibly aware that my penis and balls had matured faster than the other boys and felt rather freakish because of it. Not only that, but my male equipment seemed to be always telling me that it was constantly there and needed some kind of attention, but I had no idea what it wanted.

That is, until one night I was in the bathtub at home and started intentionally loosely rubbing my dick with the washcloth. I had been having uncontrollable erections for over a year, but had no idea how to control them. This washcloth was generating feelings in my dick that I could not begin to stop. I continued this for about 15 minutes and felt such incredible new sensations in my dick, balls, and entire groin.

The combination of the warm water and the continual rubbing of the soft washcloth on my dick resulted in the most incredible sensations building in my groin. I'd had a good amount of pubic hair for at least a year, but had no idea how to tame the uncontrollable feelings my dick seemed to have with its constant erections. Evidently my newly activated male equipment needed release badly, but I had no idea how to accommodate it. At once my entire groin seemed to explode with the most delicious feeling I had ever felt up to that point. I noticed a small drop of white liquid at the tip of my dick when it was all over, and knew immediately what this was.

What is strange is that at the height of my first self-induced orgasm I was staring at a piece of chipped paint on the wall that separated the tile of the shower/bathtub and the drywall of the bathroom. For some reason, when I think of that small spot of chipping paint, I get really horny. I guess it's because that first orgasm was about the most mind-blowing experience I have ever had even up to now. I've been totally addicted to keeping my equipment properly milked ever since.

Although now the release is not as common as it was back then, it still is just as incredible. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop forcing up an ejaculation.



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