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Strange Week

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Strange week with my dad


Background: I'm 16, Dad's 38. I'm an only child, and live with both parents.

It started off as a strange week. My dad and I went to the mall on Sunday just to browse and do whatever. It was a mall in a town 30 minutes away that we'd never been to. Anyway, after being there a while, we ate and afterwards went to the bathroom before leaving for the day. Well these bathrooms had the urinals without the separater walls. So he and I both go in there, and I couldn't help but notice his dick right beside me. I'd never seen it so close before, though I have seen him here and there around the house, but never so close. So anyway, we're standing there, and I swear, his dick starts to grow right there, which makes MY dick get hard. By this time, I'm getting a feeling in the pit of my stomach I'd never felt before. Getting turned on by seeing my father's dick and knowing that he was probably looking at mine, too. I couldn't get over how HUGE his dick head was. Like HUGE and red. After like a minute (felt like 30) we were both kind of hard, and neither of us pee'd. He DID look over at me though, and kinda smiled. I put my dick back in my pants and went to the sink, he followed suit. After that, we went home and didn't say anything else about it.

Well fast forward three days. This Tuesday, I'm in my room on my computer. Dad walks in and says he wants to talk to me about something. I'm like, oh shit. He then goes on to explain to me that he was on my computer the day before (his is being repaired) and he 'accidently' came across some of my pictures. Well my stomach sank, because I immediately knew what he was talking about-pictures I've taken of my dick. Then he said it, I saw the pictures you took of 'your tool' he called it. I, of course, play dumb because I'm taken so off guard. He said he just wanted me to be careful about where I send them, etc, and not to send any anywhere with my face, because they could end up anywhere, etc. (I have two with my dick and face in the same picture). After about three or four minutes, he says 'but I gotta hand it to you, you have a pretty big dick for a kid your age. I don't think I was that developed at 16.' (I'm not huge, but a pretty good size, not quite seven inches, but almost, and pretty thick; and good amount of pubic hair that I keep trimmed). Then, I got that same feeling again that I'd gotten at the mall bathroom. This weird feeling in the pit of my stomach where I'm turned on so much that I can't explain it. So I respond with a laugh, and a 'Well thanks, I guess.' I was SO embarrassed but turned on at the same time.

Then he says, 'I actually think you might be bigger than me.' I couldn't believe he said this, but I went along and was like 'nah, I think you're bigger.' I felt kinda dumb, but what are you gonna do? Then he reaches for his zipper and pulls out his dick! Right there! He was half hard and was like 'See, this is me.' And he kinda plays with it and shows it off. I was like, 'It looks big to me,' to which he laughed. I then said 'Well I guess we're about the same size then.' Then the urge was just too strong to resist, and I was shaking out of nervousness and just pulled out my dick right there, which was hard beyond belief at this point. He said 'WOW!' and we both laughed. At this point, we were both sitting around my computer with our dicks hard, I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. Then he reached over and grabbed my dick and was like 'you're a great size!' It was the weirdest feeling in the world to have him touch it, hard no less. So, of course, I did the same, and I swear, his dick in my hand felt unbelievable. That lasted for about a minute and it pretty much stopped there. We zipped up, and he left and I jerked off right after (he probably did, too.) I came more than I ever have.

That was that. So this morning, I'm taking a shower, and my dad comes in, which he RARELY does, and shaves at the sink. We have a clear shower curtain so he could technically see me through it. I was waiting for him to finish, but it was taking forever, so I went ahead and cut it off and got out. He turned around glanced at my half hard dick, and said 'nice' and kinda laughed. Thank god I had a towel there because I was about to get hard again.

So it's just been a weird week. Having sexual things happen with my dad that I never thought would. Having feelings that I never knew possible. Who knows what's next.



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