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Strange Saturday Morning

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Difficult to decide what category to put this story in, you'll understand when you read it!


I was just turned twelve, years ago when this happened. I was just a normal lad living in a small town in England. One hot Saturday morning in July my mother asked me to take some things to her brother, Uncle Allan. This was not unusual, I did this quite often, and liked going to his house. On this occasion, after we had had soft drinks and cakes he asked me if I would deliver a birthday card, he had forgotten to post, to an old pal of his who lived about half a mile away. Of course, I was only too willing to do it for him.

I delivered the card and set out for home. I knew the way, but it was along unfamiliar streets. I turned one corner into a road of terraced houses. They were a long row of brick built houses which are joined together. These are common in older parts of English towns. They have a front door only, no side entrances. The only houses which are likely to have side entrances are the house at either end of the terrace.

As I walked along this road I saw a boy talking to a girl by the end. I vaguely recognised the boy; he had been at my junior school, and was about two years older than me. The girl looked to be about the same age as the boy, but I didn't know her.

As I walked by them he said 'Hi, how 'ya doing?' I said 'O.K.' He then said 'She's just told me she doesn't have any knickers on!' I was a bit shocked and felt myself going red. She said 'if you don't believe me, I'll show you both.' That had me really worried. What if she hoisted her dress up there and then in the street? If someone saw us, and my parents found out, I would be in BIG trouble. She said, 'We'll go behind the side door,' and pointed to the end house which indeed had a side entrance.

'O.K' said the boy, and to me he said 'Come on.' I have never really decided just why I followed him, instead of saying 'No Thanks!' and walking off. She opened the side door, and we followed.

Then I heard her say 'Damn!' Her garden backed on to the garden of the houses in the next street, and there was a man standing on a step-ladder pruning the dividing hedge. 'Inside' she said, opening the side door. We followed her in, and found ourselves in the kitchen. 'It's O.K,' she said, 'Mum's at work all day.'

She told the other boy to stand by the kitchen table. I stayed by the door. 'Are you ready' she asked him. He nodded, and she slowly lifted up her dress until it was level with her waist. I heard him mutter 'Corr!' From where I was stood I could see her sex organ, and I was somewhat shocked. I could see black hair growing round it. I had never seen pubic hair before. To me it looked awful! I was aware that boys grew hair around their penises because one of my school pals had told me that his older brother had quite a bit of hair growing round his penis. I had asked him whether his brother had showed it to him. He had shrugged his shoulders and told me that when you shared a bedroom you couldn't help seeing it, especially when it was stiff!

The girl said to the boy 'Put your hand on my tits,' and she took his left hand and put it under the dress and held it onto her breasts. I could see that his face had gone extremely red, and I was feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Then she said 'Now I've shown you mine and let you stroke me, you've got to show me your willie.' She brought her one hand out from under her dress and together with the other one tugged his shorts down. I think he was too shocked to resist. She pulled his penis out of his underpants and started stroking it. 'Lovely,' she said, 'It's going hard!' Then with one hand she lifted up her dress again and putting her other hand behind his bottom pulled him towards her. Then I could see her sort of thrusting her body at him. Suddenly she looked over to me and said 'Your turn in a minute!' This was definately something I did not want to get involved in!

Just at that moment there was the sound of a loud bell. The girl said 'There's someone at the front door.' She let the boy go, and her dress fell back into place. I could see his erect penis jutting out. She walked out of the kitchen, and I could hear her pulling back the bolts on the front door. The boy, meanwhile, took the opportunity to push his penis back inside his underwear and pull up his shorts.

We heard a loud voice say 'Hello, luv, got two parcels for you. Here's one, I'll just get the other off the van.' A few seconds later the voice said 'Here you are, I'm going to have to get you to sign for them.' Then, we heard a woman's voice say 'I'll do that!'

Then the girl's voice said 'Mum!' That was it!! Both the boy and myself slipped out of the side door. We heard the front door shut, and we slipped out through the side gate and ran! We turned into the next street and went away from there as fast as we could. We didn't slow down until we came to the next junction where there were a lot of local shops. I didn't know, or care, where we were going, as long as it it was away from that house, and that girl, and her mother.

Eventually, we were forced to slow down through lack of breath, and the boy said 'This way' and led me up a small street of about ten houses, and stopped at the third one in. 'This is where I live' he said, 'Come on in.' We went into the lounge and collapsed onto the settee. After a few minutes he said 'I need a drink' and left the room. He came back with two glasses of lemonade, and I gratefully accepted one.

'I don't want to go through that again' he said. 'That was horrible!' I said 'We were saved by that delivery man. I wouldn't have wanted her to touch my thing, and I thought hers looked awful.' He asked me what I meant. I told him that with hair around 'her thing' I thought it was ugly. He said didn't I know that both boys and girls grew hair on that part of their body when they started to grow up. I said I knew about boys, but not girls.

He asked if I had any hair 'down there' yet. I told him no, and he said that I would grow some eventually, and that his had started when he was thirteen.

He said he didn't enjoy her holding his penis, her hands were all clammy and sweaty. He said that when she made it stiff and was holding it against her body he had nearly spurted. I suppose I must have looked a bit blank at him because he asked me if I knew what spurting and sperm was. I said I had heard other boys talking about it but I wasn't too sure what it was all about, excect that it had to do with one's penis being stiff. He said he would explain it to me.

He said that after having the girl maul his, he was first going to have to wash it clean. So I followed him to the bathroom where he removed his shorts etc, and washed and dried his soft penis. We then went into his bedroom and we sat on the bed. He was just about to explain things when I said 'Someting has been worrying me, and I've just realised what it is.' He asked me what it was.

I said 'You remember when the bell rang, and she went to answer it, I heard her pulling back the bolts to unlock the door.' He said, 'Yes, so?' I said, 'Well, then we heard her mother say something. If she hadn't come home at the moment there was that delivery, she wouldn't have gone to the front door, because it WAS BOLTED SHUT from the inside. She would have come through the side door and into the kitchen, and found you with your trousers down and her daughter playing with your thing!!'

He groaned, 'Oh, my God, what a lucky escape! We then realised the funny side of it and started laughing. Laughing with relief, more than anything.

He then explained what he had meant by spurting. He explained that when boys started growing up they developed the ability to produce sperm e.g. spurting. He said that nearly all boys did it. He asked if mine went stiff and if I stroked it until there was this great feeling, and you couldn't do it anymore. I said that I did it sometimes when I was in bed. He said, 'Great, isn't it?' I admitted that I enjoyed it. He asked if I had ever seen anyone with a stiff penis and make sperm. I said that together with a friend we had once looked at each other penis', and stroked them until they were stiff, but that neither of us could make sperm. He asked if I would like to see it done. I said yes, and he took both his tee-shirt and shorts off. He suggested that I do the same. I did and we both took hold of each others penis. It was a great sensation feeling it stiffening up, at the same time as he stroked mine until it was hard. His was quite a bit larger than mine, with a small amount of curly hair above it. We played around with them for a while, and I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of it. Then he suggested that I should stroke his until sperm came, and that he would rub mine afterwards. This I did, very gently, until I felt his whole body stiffening, and he told me it was 'nearly there'. His penis went even harder for the last few strokes, and the sperm shot out in three or four little spurts whch he caught in a towel. He then got me to lie on my back and did the same for me, very gently, making it last a long time. Eventually I came to my (dry) climax, and we both just laid back on the bed for a while recovering from the very enjoyable experience.

When I got home my mother said 'You've been a long time, where have you been?' I explained about delivering the card for Uncle. She said 'You sure you're OK, you're looking a bit flushed!'

The funny thing is, that I never knew either the boy's or the girl's name. A couple of times I saw the boy again, but we just said 'Hi' to each other. Never saw the girl again, and never, ever went down the street where she lived. But I learnt an awful lot that day!



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