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Strange Powerful Dream

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Never had a reccuring dream before


For the past month, I've been having this dream at least once a week, sometimes more often. This is the most erotic dream I have ever had.

I live in a dorm building in a small college, our building is four stories high, and every floor is only one gender. Perhaps this dream is being created by being around lots of other girls constantly, the hormones can be pretty intense, if you know what I mean.

When the dream starts, it sometimes seems so real, I think I'm awake, I'm just lying in my bed in my room, which I share with one other girl, whose bed is across the room from me. As I open my eyes (in the dream), everything in the world seems..different, but I don't know why. The room is dark, but the light is like a weird UV light. Things just also feel extremely different, I have this intense feeling of power, and can feel this sort of erotic electricity in my body. I start to move in bed and put my hands on myself, and realize that my body is not my real body. I start feeling my torso, and it is obvious that the body I'm in is a man's body. I just spend a lot of time feeling the muscles in my chest and arms, and getting really turned on. This male body is somehow supernatural, like some kind of a lesser god or angel of some kind. As my hands drift lower they contact an erect cock, and there is this sudden surge of the electric feeling, magnified. Both my hands envelop my swollen cock, which feels like it's 15 inches long, and too thick for my hands to wrap around.

I slowly stroke it with both hands, and feel this wild feeling, like I'm being energized with sexual gratification.

I then feel myself stir from the bed and stand up in the middle of the room. I have this perspective that this male body stands 8 or 9 feet tall, and my roommate Ana, who was asleep, wakes up and stares at me. I expect her to be afraid of me, but she first has this look in her eyes of wonder, and then this expression of happiness.

I slowly come down onto her bed and lift the covers off of her, and we embrace and begin to kiss passionately, I am suddenly hyperaware of what I am doing, and the sensations of her body and mine feel real, even almost REALER than reality, if that makes sense. I soon remove all of her clothes, and am on top of her in a missionary position. As the head of my huge cock begins to enter her, I have this weird vision as I stare at her face, and it looks like my face for a split second. Then as I start to slowly penetrate her, it is like my cock grows as it goes inside of her, so that it keeps on sliding deeper and deeper, without ever stopping. The feeling at this point in the dream is kind of indescribable.

I begin to come, I can feel a endless gush of cum exploding from my cock, but it feels different than when I have an orgasm in real life. As this happens, Ana begins to have a huge orgasm as well, I can feel her pussy contract violently, and wetness gushes out of her as well. As this all happens, she is screaming, but there is also sort of a sound of thunder in the air, or like a jet plane, it drowns out all else, and I suddenly wake up.

I have never had a dream which has brought me so much strong sexual feelings. I feel dazed when I awake from it, and my pussy is so wet that my panties and sheets are soaked. I usually begin to rub myself right after a wake up, and will already find that I'm 'there' already, I quickly start to cum uncontrollably, and will sometimes have 10 or 11 orgasms one after the other.

At first I was dazed and confused by this dream, but now I love having it, it's weird, I have to sort of 'forget' about the dream, not dwell on it, then I will have it again.

The only problem it is causing me is if I have it on a morning I need to get up and go to class, I really just have to pleasure myself for at least 25, 30 minutes before I feel sated, and throughout the rest of my day I am constantly turned on and wet.

This just adds to my sex drive which is already really really high, on the days when I have this dream I end up just getting myself off throughout the day, I really can't focus on anything else.

I have no idea what this dream means or where it comes from, but I love it.



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