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Strange Cum

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This was a very strange event!


The weather was fresh, cool as I sat outside one sunset, savouring the freshness after the day in an overheated office. I had on a tracksuit with no underwear. Lazily I watched soft clouds scud by in the setting sun.

I frowned. 'strange' I thought as my hand found my penis in my pants. It was swollen thick, and almost at full erection; but it was soft, almost floppy; it felt spongy. 'Maybe its still growing.' I thought and relaxed again.

'Very strange!' I thought again, some time later. It was still spongy soft but swollen thickly. This time I slid my left hand into my pants to feel what was going on there. True enough, I could squeeze it, bend it, shake it and it didn't get harder. 'Very, very strange!' I almost said aloud as I discovered that my scrotum was so tight that my testicles were right up against my penis. 'Its not THAT cold.!' I thought. 'Maybe I need to cum....I'll rub a bit and see what happens.'

So I swapped hands and gently started rubbing my swollen floppy, generating very pleasant feelings. 'WOW!' I heard myself mutter. My testicles were gone! Pulled so far inside my that I could not feel them! 'This MUST mean that I am about to cum. But its still floppy and I am nowhere close.' I complained to myself. Unenthusiastically I continued to rub gently away after removing my floppy from the confines of my pants.

'Wait a sec! Here I sit in dark clothes jacking off. What will happen if I go back inside and my wife, even my daughter sees white blobs and streaks all over my top!!?? I had better first get a tissue or something.' So I stood up, my hand still clutching my floppy. As I stood up it hit me.

Without warning and with no climax build-up, I started to orgasm. Unable to move, my whole body started to shudder violently. Earnestly I looked around to see if a neighbor was watching me standing there jiggling and shuddering away. I also looked into the open doorway into our bedroom. No one; so I looked down at my still floppy penis in my hand, only to witness an unusual series of spits popping out my penis. Pip...pip...pip as little blobs spat out.

As quickly as it started it finished. With jelly like knees I groped back to my chair and sat down audibly gasping for air. It took another several minutes to get my heart back into my chest. I stood up and felt my penis. It was still thickly swollen and floppy. I went inside.



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