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Stranded Camping With Son

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I will openly admit that I feel extremely awkward typing this, but after a couple weeks of keeping this bottled up inside of me, I just had to share it with someone. I'm not a whiz when it comes to the computer or the internet, but this site came up in my search. And after a couple hours of reading stories on here, it's the perfect place to share my experience. This was an extremely intense experience for me, so I'll probably put a lot of detail into this as I write. Hopefully you'll get as much out of it as I did!

I'm a 48-year-old proud mother of three: Alan (23), Steve (18), and Cindy (15). I'm also happily married to my husband, Rick, for 25 years. Together we have raised what I consider to be a pretty good family. The kids have all done well in school. They've stayed out of trouble. And overall, if you could picture what an ideal family would look like, I feel like we'd fit that image perfectly. That's why what I'm about to describe came as such a surprise to me.

It's been a family tradition for about the past ten years or so to go camping the first weekend that the kids were out of school. They typically would have their last day on a Wednesday or Thursday and we would leave on Friday and spend the weekend camping. We started out tent camping in the beginning, but have since progressed up to a pop up style camper that pulls behind our van. It's not very large, but serves the purpose for the most part. The one thing that took a while to get used to was the fact that it had very little privacy! All that surrounded the toilet/shower was basically a thin shower curtain. Outside of that, there really wasn't much privacy. The first couple trips we really struggled with that issue as we all tried to keep our privacy while changing, using the restroom, or showering. However, it was difficult. So while we didn't make a big deal out of it, nudity while we changed or showered became accepted... mostly out of convenience. I never really objected to this, and as time went on, it sort of became a non-issue for all of us.... At least I thought.

Anyways, this year we had planned on taking our usual camping trip to a small campground on a lake up in central Wisconsin starting on Friday, June 6th and coming back home on Monday, June 9th. The campground gives out the best campsites on a first come, first serve basis. So we typically get up early on Friday and head off early to get the best spot. We usually travel up all in one vehicle to small. However, this years plans hit somewhat of a bump in the road. Because of all of the snowstorms this past winter that resulted in several days that school was closed, Cindy's school schedule was extended by two days and she didn't finish up until Friday. Besides that, Alan also forgot to ask off of work and had to work until 6:00pm on Friday and also Saturday morning until noon. With our plans kind of up in the air, Rick and I sat down to figure out the weekend. After much debate, my husband decided that it would be best for me and Steve to head off as planned on Friday morning. He wanted to make sure that we got one of the good spots right by the lake. He then planned on driving up on Saturday with Cindy and Alan whenever he got off of work.

So I shoved off on Friday morning with Steve. The drive up there was pleasant and trouble-free. When we got to the campground, we were the only people there. We were able to choose a beautiful site fairly close to the lake. As the day went on, a couple other families pulled in to the campground and set up camp. It was fairly hot out so Steve and I spent most of the day swimming on the small beach that they have and just lying around. Overall, it was a beautiful day. Looking back at it now, there were only a few small instances that were a sign of things to come on Saturday. The first couple dealt with the weather. The caretaker at the campground went around and let everyone know that severe weather was being forecast for Saturday. That really didn't bother us that much as we had weather radio in the camper and knew how to protect ourselves. But it obviously had some effect on others, as there was at least one group that we could see that packed up and left the campground. The other thing that happened involved Steve. We were playing Frisbee in the water for a while, and at one point we were playfully wrestling for the Frisbee. In the middle of our wrestling, Steve came up behind me and was trying to reach around me to get the Frisbee. As our bodies made contact, I was almost positive that I could feel that he had and erection and that his hard penis was pressing right into my back. I quickly moved away and brought the game of Frisbee to an end by suggesting that I was hungry. As I got out of the water, Steve followed me. I briefly turned around and saw that my suspicions were correct. It appeared as if he had pitched a tent of his own right inside of his swim trunks. He quickly wrapped himself in a towel and within a few minutes it seemed as if his erection had dissipated. I didn't put too much thought into the incident at the time. But as the day went on, I found myself wondering if I had caused him to get an erection somehow. In any event, the day came to an end without anything else exciting happening. I was just looking forward to the rest of the family joining us on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I talked to Rick first thing. He expressed some concern about the threat for severe weather as well. But I assured him that we'd be fine. We had seen our fair share of thunderstorms while camping in the past and never really had any problems. So he planned on heading out as soon as Alan got out of work. It was hot again so Steve and I initially returned to the beach for some more swimming. However, before long the skies began to darken. The first round of storms arrived with torrential rains. We sought shelter in the camper and waited out the rain. Outside of our camper, the water began to flood the low-lying areas between our campsite and the lake. Over the course of an hour or so, I would estimate that a couple inches of rain fell at the campground. Right around noon Rick called to check and see if we were ok. We were, but it was still raining outside. He was still at home because Alan wasn't home from work yet. He told me that they would leave as soon as they could in hopes that they could make it up before the next round of storms that were forecasted come in the afternoon.

Eventually it stopped raining and got extremely hot and muggy out. Steve and I took advantage of the break in the weather to get in a little more swimming and a picnic lunch. However, it wasn't long before the next round of storms moved in. Steve and I quickly changed out of our swimsuits and prepared to wait it out in the camper once again. Shortly after that, the caretaker at the campground came to our camper and told us that we would have to move to a campsite on higher ground if we wanted to stay because he was worried that our site would flood if we had much more rain. I called Rick to see what his thoughts were. While we were out swimming, he apparently had tried to call my cell phone. Rick had made the decision to stay home with the rest of the kids because many of the roads where we live were flooded after the storms in the morning. He told me to do whatever the caretaker told us to do and to be safe. By that time it had already began raining out again. Make that pouring out. Our weather radio was going off constantly alerting us to severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings all around us. Steve and I quickly worked out in the rain to hook up the camper and move it to a new spot. Despite our quickest efforts, it was still a lengthy process in which we got completely soaked through by the heavy rain.

Once we got to the new spot and got the camper leveled, hooked up, and everything situated, I suggested to Steve that the next step was to get out of our soaking wet clothes before we got the whole inside of the camper wet too. We both started stripping off our clothes and temporarily putting them into the tub for the shower. Without even thinking about it, I took off every stitch that I had on because even my underwear was soaking wet. Apparently Steve followed suit because I saw him toss his socks and boxers into the tub as well. I began wringing out some of the clothes in the tub. Steve was standing right next to me so I began handing him some of the things that I had wrung out. He was then taking them and laying them out on the table or any of the other surfaces where they could lay to dry. For whatever reason, he missed one of my handoffs. We both moved to pick up the shirt that was dropped, but I beat him to it by squatting down in place. As I picked up the shirt, I briefly glanced up to see where Steve was before standing back up. To my surprise, less than a foot away from my face, Steve's erect penis was staring me straight in the eye. I quickly stood up and looked at Steve. He looked a bit nervous or worried, but neither of us said anything. I continued to wring out our clothes and he continued to lay them out. I don't know why, but curiosity got the best of me and I purposely dropped one of our socks as I was wringing it out. I squatted down to pick it up and stared at Steve's rock hard penis the entire time. I feel guilty saying this, but his penis was magnificent. It looked so smooth, but yet so hard. I briefly looked up and saw that he was looking down at me. Avoiding the awkward moment of our eyes meeting, I looked back down again only to find myself staring at his penis again. Only a few seconds had passed, but it felt like an eternity. In that short period of time, thoughts rushed into my head that I thought would never pass through a mother's head. Gradually, I could feel myself slowly leaning towards Steve's penis. I could see the tip of his penis was glistening with his sweet juices as it neared my face. I felt my jaw begin to relax and open as the moist tip his penis brushed against the tip my nose and...


A loud clap of thunder nearby scared the heck out of me and quickly brought me to my feet. If anything, it was Mother Nature's way of calling a time out before something happened between Steve and I that we would later regret. Before I had a chance to say anything, Steve began apologizing. Actually it was more like babbling as he spilled his guts about having an erection and hoping that I wasn't mad. I led him by the hand over to the master bed and sat down next to him. He seemed real flustered so I assured him that the whole situation was as confusing for me as it was for him.

After a few seconds to gather himself, I told him that it would be perfectly acceptable if he took care of himself. He told me that he couldn't because it would feel weird to do it in such close quarters with me right there. I let that answer settle for a minute before asking him why he was so turned on all weekend. He was real hesitant but eventually replied back that he got hard from seeing me naked and in various states of undress over the two days. I didn't know what to say. I was flattered from one point of view, confused from another, angry from another... and yet I could feel myself becoming increasingly aroused by the continued sight of Steve's throbbing erection. After a few moments he began to explain that I was the first female that he ever saw naked in person and that he often times gets turned on when he thinks about me naked. He also explained that on most prior trips he was turned on by seeing me and his sister Cindy naked, but that he did everything possible to hide it because he didn't want us to think that he was a freak. I explained to him that it was perfectly normal that he would feel that way when he saw us naked. I also then made it clear that he couldn't act on his thoughts with his younger sister under any circumstances. He seemed to understand what I was saying. After a few minutes of silence, he read between the lines of what I said and asked if he could act on his thoughts with me. I had a feeling that question was coming, and knew what the correct answer should have been. But in the moment, with rain pouring down, thunder crashing, and weather warnings all around us, a part of me wanted the ultimate taboo. In a split second decision, I reached over and took hold of Steve's penis. I wasn't completely sure what was going to happen. All I knew was that we both needed to get off, and we needed to do so in a hurry. I gently rubbed the tip of his penis, spreading out all of the juices that had accumulated there. I then began pumping his penis with my bare hand.

After a few minutes of that, I excused myself and went to my bag to get some lube. As I walked back towards Steve, I could see his eyes tracing my entire body. I could see the desire in his eyes and it was so hot. I honestly thought about mounting him and taking him inside me, but I knew better than that. So I dropped down in front of him and lubed up his penis and began stoking his penis again. It had been a long time since I had a penis this hard and this hot in my hands. Steve leaned back and began to moan. I tugged gently on his balls trying to delay the inevitable. But it was no use. His hips began to rhythmically lift off of the bed as he neared climax. Grunts of pleasure filled the camper as his orgasm built. And then in a sudden burst, he grunted out 'Oh my god mom! I'm going to cum!' And that he did. Spurt after spurt of his hot semen shot all over the place. I aimed his penis at my breasts and let it splatter off of them as he pumped seven or eight shots of his hot seed. Finally his hips came to rest on the bed and the spurts of semen subsided down to a trickle. With the exception of rain on the roof and the occasional rumble of thunder, it became eerily quiet.

Then, after a few minutes of quiet, Steve broke the silence by saying that what I had done was so awesome. He then begged me to let him return the favor. In the few minutes of quiet, my mind had wandered through all of the possibilities. I had no idea what he had in mind, but before he had a chance to suggest anything I told him to switch spots with me. Once I was on the bed and he was on the floor between my legs, I told him to 'finger fuck' me. He got real excited when I said the word 'fuck' because that's not a word that's usually a part of my vocabulary. But it did the job because before long he was eagerly exploring my vagina. It took him a few minutes to get his orientation, and I gave him a few tips along the way, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. It didn't take long for him to find some fun spots that really made me squirm. He experimented with one, two, and three fingers before finally settling in on two. Two was definitely the magic number and it didn't take long before I could feel my orgasm building. I made sure that he knew that it was coming by begging him to finger me harder and faster. Before I knew, my hips were thrusting up towards him as orgasm ripped through my body. Wave after wave of pleasure spread over my body as I came all over Steve's fingers. Finally the waves tapered off and Steve withdrew his fingers from my dripping wet vagina. I watched intently as he licked his fingers clean. He then joined me on the bed and we both fell asleep for a short while.

When I woke up, Steve was caressing my body lightly while observing all of my imperfections. I could feel his penis pressing against my side and knew that he was rock hard again. He began whispering in my ear how sexy he thought my body was, how beautiful my breasts were, how he loved my ass, and how he always loved going on vacation because he would get to see me in my swimsuits and in the nude. But, he didn't even have to say any of that. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he really wanted to do more with me than what we had done. And there was definitely a part of me that would have taken every inch of his manhood and put it to good use. But common sense (if there can be such a thing while lying naked with one's son!) prevailed once again and I chose to give him another hand job. I laid right next to him for this one and rested my head on his stomach just inches away from his penis. It was really cool to feel his body tighten and relax during the hand job, and to feel him pull on my hair as he reached climax. His orgasm was powerful once again as his hot seed erupted all over his belly and my face. I felt so dirty, but yet so hot with his cum all over my face. And then, without any prompting then he returned the favor once again with his fingers. It didn't take me long to reach orgasm. Steve was a fast learner and knew exactly how to find my fun spot. Before long I was practically screaming. I had to restrain myself because I knew that there were other campers nearby and pop up campers are anything but soundproof. But the orgasm was that good that it took work and a lot blanket biting not to scream out loud! Finally the orgasm came to an end and Steve crawled up next to me in bed and we both dozed off again.

I awoke about an hour later to the sound of the cell phone ringing. It was Rick making sure that we were ok. Outside of a few small leaks in the canvas parts of the pop up, we had made it through the storms ok. He said that many highways across the state were being closed due to high water and that there was no way that they'd be able to join us... or for that matter that it would be difficult for us to come home. I acted like I was really disappointed. But in all reality, I was anything but disappointed. As I hung up the phone I looked over to see Steve waking up. And Steve wasn't the only thing waking up... his penis was once again rising to attention... Somehow I had a feeling that we would be more than able to fill the time that we were stranded at the campground!

As the old saying goes... what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, our pop up wasn't quite Vegas, but what happened in there will stay in there for the most part. I just had to share some of the best experiences somewhere. I just couldn't keep a secret this good forever! I'm sure that some folks will disagree with what Steve and I did on our trip, and that's fine. A month ago I would have done the same. But for those of you who like it, please leave a comment. It would help convince me that what we did isn't the worst thing in the world!



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