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Straight Housemate

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I'm 28 and gay, but this is about my straight friend who I lived with for a while.

Before I moved in he joked about having a shower with the door open and walking about naked. He knows I'm gay and has no problem with it, but I do because I always found him really attractive. He's younger than me (18 at the time) and really built, he works at a leisure centre as a lifeguard and works out every day.

I said it was no big deal and joked that I would somehow manage to control myself.

He had never been an exhibitionist, he always used a cubicle when he went to the mens room in a club, he never had a shower at work etc. So I had never seen him naked. I was surprised on the first day living in the house when he walked into the kitchen in nothing but his black boxers. I could tell he was well hung, I thought he was before from the bulge in his jeans but this proved it for me.

Soon, every day I saw him in his boxers. But he was obviously either being very careful not to step out of his room naked or I was missing the times he did.

This changed about a month later when I was sitting in my room watching TV, my door was open and he stepped out into the hall. I turned instinctively to catch a glimps of his full white buttocks as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

A week or so later I left a note to tell him that my shift pattern had changed and that I was working early mornings. It wasn't every morning but I guess he assumed that it was. It was about nine a.m. His stereo came on and began blasting. I opened my door to tell him if he came out, to turn it down a bit. Instead he stepped out butt naked. I caught just a glimpse of his cock as it swung out. Then his nice ass as he went into the bathroom.

But this time he didn't close the door. From my position in my room, looking out through the gap in my door, I could see the reflection of the shower in the mirror on the bathroom wall. I knew he jerked off in the shower because I'd walked in there a week before to find his cum on the tile wall. There was plenty of it too dripping down.

I watched eagerly as he wandered around the room, occasionally catching him in the reflection. After a while my cock was hard in my boxers, leaking pre-cum.

Eventually he stepped under the spray and I had a full view of his hard body from his wide neck to his knees.

He stood in profile as he faced the spray, his chest prominent, the bulges of his abs rising and falling. His long cock was mostly obscured by his large left thigh.

He turned off the water and began to soap up, turning toward the mirror. Finally I had a perfect view of his six inch cock, still mostly flacid. His heavy balls were large and low, the wrinkled sac loose in the heat. The bubbles and foam trailed down and he soaped up his dick. washing it carefully and gently. His hands lingered and I could see he was getting hard.

I released my 7' uncut cock from my boxers and started pumping, wishing I was in there with him.

He rinsed off and turned his attention back to his cock. As he turned I realised that now he was solid, a nice, smooth nine inch cock jutted out and a little upward from his body. He gripped it and started slowly, his hand sliding back and forth. His free hand worked over his hairless chest, moving to play with one nipple, then the other.

I could just make out the loose foreskin slipping back and forth as his strong arm moved.

I jerked my cock in rythym. Watching his every stroke.

After speeding up I knew he was nearly there, his loose balls had tightened up, just like mine. He paused, jerked again, paused. Then he leant back a little and I saw a white flash of cream shoot out. I followed immediately, mine leaping into the air and splashing back down all over my boxers and hand.

I watched him shoot for a while, he seemed to fire a few large shots before it turned into a dribble which hung from the tip of his dick, he shook it loose.

I looked down to the mess I had made and began to clean up. He turned the corner and as I was shutting my door our eyes met. It was only for a second, and although I was scared that he would feel embarrassed I now know that he didn't.



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