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Straight Best Friend

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I have known Marty for a few years now, we've even lived together for a while a couple of years ago.

While he knows I'm gay, he never had a problem with it, even when I used to wind him up by saying how cute he was. He's a little younger than me at 20, and more athletic. He goes to the gym every couple of days and likes to keep himself in shape.

A few months ago he moved into a new place, it's further away from me so I don't go around there often.

A couple of days ago I went to visit so we could catch up. He said I could stay on the sofa so I didn't have to get a cab all the way home that night. He asked me if I could sort out his computer for him. It seems it was just really slow, clogged up with loads of pics and videos. I joked and asked him before I did a search if he'd downloaded anything he would feel embarrassed about me finding. He said no; his girlfriend doesn't let him look at porn, and she'd know if he did as she used it every day when she came over (he knows less about computers than his girlfriend).

So, I sorted out his computer problem and showed him how to delete his tracks, should he want to look at any porn.

Obviously eager, he asked me how he could find free porn. I told him a few password sites I know about and we checked them out. The first one included a gay section, which I instinctively clicked on, forgetting what I was doing. A list of sites came up and I went though, explaining how to get into them.

He asked me to show him and I pointed out that they were gay sites. He said 'doesn't matter', I guess he was secretly curious, I know he was deprived by his girlfriend (she holds back on sex to keep him in line!)

I clicked one and entered the site without any trouble, explaining how to do it as I went through.

I decided I needed a drink and went to the kitchen, when I walked back in, he was still on the site, clicking through the pictures of guys jerking off. He didn't seem too bothered about me being in the room, and I just watched from the sofa as he went from page to page.

He paused on a gallery of two 'Straight Buddies', clicked and went through a slide show. He was making comments, talking about how he couldn't believe it was free, he wondered what the girlie porn would be like. I just sat there sipping my drink and feeling myself getting hard and damp in my jeans. I could see he was fidgeting too, his hand moved at his crotch every now and then, adjusting to make himself more comfortable.

He laughed as the two guys on screen progressed with each picture to stroking the other guy, 'Yeah, like these guys are straight!' he smiled and turned to me, 'you're straighter than they are!' I couldn't help but chuckle to myself as I noticed his shorts tenting at the crotch.

I felt obliged to inform 'Straight guys do get up to that stuff you know, it doesn't mean anything'

He looked at me, puzzled, but still adjusting his shorts around his hard-on. 'I've never done that!' he said, 'but it's more than I'm getting from her right now' he pointed to upstairs.

Eventually he found some straight porn, a few short movies I'd directed him to. I could tell he was really getting into it but tried to look more interested in the TV than the computer or his hand moving over his shorts.

It got late and I was just thinking about leaving, letting him get to pleasing himself while I went home to do the same thinking about it, when he said 'I've got to have a wank soon'. I told him to go ahead, and went back to flicking through the channels and sipping my drink.

A few moments passed and I saw him slide his hand under the waistband of his shorts. The tenting grew as his hand moved up and I knew he was big and really hard under there.

My own cock was hard in my jeans, leaking and throbbing, it took all my strength not to reach in and start stroking.

I could see he wanted to release his cock, but he was hesitating. He kept looking over at me, and eventually we locked eyes, 'I can't do this while you're in the room' he laughed, I realised I should have left earlier and said I'd get my stuff and get going.

'No, it's okay, I just mean I feel embarrassed', I'd never seen him naked, he was quite shy when it came to his cock. He was shirtless now, and often is just to show off his muscles, but his cock is a secret from most.

He eyed me carefully while I turned back to the TV, 'If you do it too, I'll be fine' he said.

Of course, I jumped at the chance and collected a couple of drinks before pulling up a seat beside him at the PC.

I told him that the porn he was watching wasn't my kind of thing, and he said I could choose.

I flicked through the pages, clicking here and there, searching for 'Bi threesome' and eventually found a movie with two buff guys and a girl.

We were both happy with this and started watching.

I could feel him glancing at me as I played with my bulge.

Eventually, the girl took a back seat an the guys started stroking each others dicks, this was enough for me, and while occasionally checking on Marty's huge bulge beneath his shorts, I unzipped and let my cock spring out of my boxers.

The two guys on screen were sat beside each other, stroking the others cock while the girl played with one guys heavy balls.

Marty slowly lowered the waistband of his shorts, while switching his gaze between the screen and my 7' hard-on.

I was surprised he'd been so secretive, his cock was perfect, longer than mine, smooth and with a lot of foreskin. It arched up over his belly button, his balls were low and big, held in a wrinkled and hairless sac.

It was like he was trying to hide it at first, using both hands to stroke it, but soon he was openly playing with it, and openly watching me play with mine.

'You've got a nice big cock there' I told him, appreciatively. He just smiled and watched me play with the precum leaking from my dick.

Without warning Marty grabbed my dick. I felt the heat first, then the pleasure as his strong hand gripped me and slid up and down, slick with my juices. I immediately returned the favour, feeling his thick rod in my fist, warm and damp.

It didn't take too long, soon he was twitching and I could feel his rod thicken and tremble as he quietly said 'I'm gonna shoot'. And he did, boy did he shoot! I don't know where the first shot went, but the second hit him in the face as he looked down at his spewing cock, the second landed in his spiky black hair, the third on the mounds of his chest, and then all over his abs again and again.

He carried on pounding my cock as he recovered, and I soon shot thick jizz all over my t-shirt and jeans. I played with his cock for a while, his cum making it slimy and slippery, but still hard.

It was the start of a long night, and one that I hope we'll repeat again soon.



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