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Story From Fred

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I work part time in an assisted living facility, where my job involves regular trips though the hallways to check rooms by briefly opening the door. So I have a master key that will open any door. Fairly often, a resident will ask me to come in and do some little task, like changing a light bulb or whatever.
The other night, a woman named Mary asked me to come in and check a nightlight that had gone out. She didn't seem to want me to leave, so I chatted with her a bit. As I started to leave, she asked me to give her a kiss. I hesitated but then thought, 'Oh, why not?' and gave her a kiss.
Later, when I opened the door I noticed she was sitting on the chair where she was earlier, but was wearing only panties and had her arms folded over her breasts, one of which I could see peeking out from under her arm. I poked my head into the room and told her I would bring the special bulbs she needed for her nightlight when I came back to work a couple days later. To my surprise, she asked me to come on in. As I stood in front of her she chatted about her family and earlier years and how her father was quite a ladies' man and a flirt. She said that was probably why she was a flirt too. (It dawned on me that was very likely why she was sitting there half naked and occasionally moving her arms so that I could see her big breasts with their tantalizing nipples exposed.) But I didn't make any moves because I was a little nervous about the staff finding out. I decided to play it cool and tell her I had to leave and continue my rounds.
Two days later, I was back at work and I stopped at her room. She invited me in and, again, asked me to kiss her. She said she needed to have that kind of attention and added that she gets tired of massaging her own breasts. I took that as an invitation and began rubbing her breasts though her blouse. She said, 'Would you like to see the bra I'm wearing?' With that, she pulled up her blouse and revealed her breasts in a gray, cotton bra that showed their fullness. I reached down and felt their softness.
Next thing I knew, she was pulling her right breast up over the top of the bra, showing me a big nipple that I could't resist bending down to and sucking. 'I love full breasts,' I told her as I paused from drawing her big nipple into my mouth and caressing it with my tongue. She said she loved that kind of attention, so I pulled the other side of the bra down and now had two big breasts to suck. Then I stood up, rubbed my crotch and said, 'This is getting me excited.' She reached out and rubbed my cock through my pants and seemed pleased that it was getting hard. So I pulled down my zipper and allowed my cock to come out for her to see.
'My, you have nice equipment,' she said, a comment which only made it get harder and more impressive. She took hold of it with her right hand as we continued talking about how good it felt to be touched. 'Look at the precum,' I said, taking a bit of it and rubbing it on her right nipple. I sucked her tits some more, and we agreed that I should visit her room some more in the future and that this was just between us and she would not mention it to the staff. Unfortunately, I could not justify being in her room much longer, so I had to stuff my hard prick in my pants and go. But I am looking forward to the next time -- maybe she might like to wrap her lips around that cock she admired so much.
It's been a long time since I have had a woman suck my dick, and I miss it. I hope there will be more to add to this story another time. Meanwhile, I'll think about this experience as I go enjoy my favorite daily pastime -- lengthy sessions of jacking off until I either cum or just enjoy those wonderful tinglings that precede cumming and then stop so that the next time I am hornier and hornier until, finally, I let it shoot. I'm 68, but that sure ain't too old to have lots of fun with my cock!



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