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Still There

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This true story happened many years ago. Many details are filled in rather than direct memory.


I was helping a friend rebuild the engine on his moped when we were out of school for the summer. We worked at his house until dark that warm evening and his parents didn't want me to walk the two miles to my house through a deeply wooded trail. They pressed his older sister, Sue, into giving me a ride on her moped via the dirt road. We lived in a very rural part of the south and it was eight miles to my house by going around on the road and only one other house on that dark road in between. I don't really remember what she looked like, but I know that to me, she was, is, a goddess, an older goddess by at least a couple of years. Her moped was only meant for one person, but two skinny kids could fit, barely, on the seat. As long as she snuggled her butt right up next to my crotch, which she did.

Needless to say, that before we hit the end of the driveway I had an iron hard erection. As we travelled down the dark and wash-boarded road, she lifted herself off the seat to ease the bumps before sliding back on my hard dick. Vibrations of the road, her ass sliding and bumping, and the warm aroma of her hair flowing back in the breeze caused me to approach my first orgasm ever without me even knowing what was really happening. As I clenched down trying to stop something that was unstoppable, I gripped her hips fiercely and to my horror I felt a hot wetness pulsing from my dick. She turned slightly and looked at me, then stopped in a patch of moonlight and asked if I was alright. I gulped, stammered, and jumped off the moped, then said, 'I don't know'.

She said, 'You gripped me so hard that I am going to have bruises. I thought you might have gotten your foot caught in the chain or something'. She peered at my crotch, which I was trying to hide with my hands, 'Are you sure you're OK?'

'Yeah, I'm OK. I just feel kind of funny, but we should go'. She nodded and I jumped back on behind her and off we went again. My dick had deflated into a soggy embarrassing mess in my pants, but as we picked up speed the same bumpy causes had the same hard effects again. I remember the moment she realized what that hard thing was that she was constantly rubbing against. She sat up straight and her head twitched back towards me as she let off the throttle and we coasted to a stop. Just in time to. I was about to release another hot gusher in my pants. She put her feet down, but didn't say anything for a moment. I knew she had to be very angry with me and expected her to order me off the moped to walk home in shame.

She asked, 'Is that what I think it is'? I played dumb and said I didn't know what she meant. She said, 'Hmmm, Interesting.' Then we started down the road again. Within a few minutes that feeling of impending release became overwhelming again. In fact, she seemed to be rubbing even more frequently than before. Sometimes moving up and down when there were not any bumps in the road at all. I also noticed that it felt really good. I still tried to hold it back, but I didn't fear it like I did before. I gripped her hips, this time instinctively pulling her slightly harder against me as I shot another hot load into my already soggy pants. Again she stopped and looked at me, raising an eyebrow, 'OK?' I nodded, breathing too hard to speak. She laughed out loud and took off again.

Yep, you guessed it, within a minute that warm sodden slippery mess in my pants was feeling pretty good and my poor befuddled dick rose to attention yet again. I saw her shake her head and again she leaned back onto me as that wonderful bumpy road worked its magic.

Fortunately, we got to my house before a third orgasm hit me and I was pretty disappointed, and confused, as we coasted to a stop with a parade of barking dogs announcing our arrival. I was pretty shook up and I forgot to hide my hard dick as I jumped off the moped. She made no effort to hide the fact that she was looking at my stiffy, as she wheeled the moped around to face back down the road towards her house. 'You might want to stop at the outhouse before you go in, she said, nodding at the very large wet stain in front of my pants. I would tell you to take care of that bulge also, but I have a feeling you wouldn't know what I meant, would you'?

I sadly shook my head and said something like, 'No, I'm really sorry, I don't know what happened, but please don't be mad.'

'I didn't think so, she said, and I am not mad, maybe the next time I give you a ride home, I will show you how to deal with that. Don't worry, she said, gently grabbing my arm, what happened to you tonight was normal, don't be scared. She kissed her fingers and touched them to my forehead; then she drove back down the road.

Over the next week I would rub against anything that would hold still for it, but nothing had the same effect as that pitching, vibrating, shuddering moped. Finally, one evening Sue offered to give me a ride home again. As before, we rode her moped, but she seemed really careful to keep to the front of the seat and although I was very excited and my dick was throbbing hard, nothing happened like before. We rode this way until we got about two miles from my house and she pulled into a little turnout for the mail carrier to deliver our mail alongside the dirt road. 'Time to stretch' She said. We jumped off the moped and I stood looking up at her. She smirked a little and asked me if my life had changed since our last ride together. Again, I played dumb.

'What do you mean?' I asked.

'You haven't found a new way to entertain yourself since last week?'

'uhh, no, not really.' I stammered and could feel my face growing warm.

Sue frowned and said, 'I was kind of afraid of that. You really are a sweet boy. Haven't you wanted to feel like you did when we were riding together?'

'Oh yes, I tried, but nothing happened.'

Sue smiled in an encouraging way and said 'show me what you did to try to feel that way.'

I hesitated and then shuffled over to the moped seat and pressed myself against it. Bending my knees, I rubbed my dick up and down on it through my pants.

I heard Sue giggling behind me as she walked up close. 'So that doesn't work huh?' She asked.

I hung my head in embarrassment and said, 'No.'

She then came really close. I could feel the warmth of her breath on the back of my neck and she whispered in my ear, 'How about now? Is your cock throbbing?'

I have to admit, the combination of her words, me rubbing the seat, and her breathing on my neck and ear were having a huge effect as I trembled rather than answer her. She pressed up behind me and her hand reached around me and lightly touched my chest, then moved downwards.

Again, she whispered, 'Move back to me; let me help you.' I slowly moved back away from the moped seat and her hand slid ever so gently over my erection before she squeezed and cupped it in her hand. To hell with the moped seat! I had found something way better.

She unbuttoned my jeans, scratched her nails lightly over my underwear clad cock, and then eased my pants and shorts down to my knees. I looked down as she slid her hand back to my aching cock and she began lightly stroking it and whispering in my ear again, 'This is how you take care of it when you have to.' It felt so good. I raised up on my toes; straining to hold the feeling back. She encouraged me to let go, let the feeling happen, and just enjoy the moment.

I said, 'I..., I...,'

And she whispered, 'I know' into my ear.

I shot a stream of cum over the moped and she licked my ear with a small moan 'hmmm.'

I shot another stream of cum onto the moped seat and she whispered 'yesss.'

I shot a stream of cum down the side of the moped, but she continued to lightly stroke.

I dribbled a small stream of cum onto the ground at my feet and her other hand pulled me gently back into her embrace.

I oozed into her hand, but she continued to hold me as my breathing slowed.

We stayed in that position for a long time, her hand not moving except for a slow, gentle, repetitive squeezing motion. She continued to whisper to me that it was OK, and stroked my chest with her other hand.

My youthful cock eased into position for a comeback performance as it swelled in her hand. She told me to place my hand on hers and I did, feeling her squeeze in that softly firm manner. She eased her hand out from under mine and I was holding my cock. Asking me to relax, she started moving my hand up and down the length of my cock. As I got into it, I tried to speed up, but she breathed into my ear, 'slowly...easy...stay with me and it will feel much better.'

Again, as the feeling of something impending grew, I tensed my muscles and was on my toes again as I strained to, hold back, speed up, something, something... Sue released my hand, moved back slightly, and I was on my own. As I again reached my climax, she leaned forward and whispered, 'I am still here. '

As I shot a much weaker second time, she said, 'I will always be here, with you, just behind you, when you make yourself cum.'

I dropped slowly to my knees dribbling cum on the ground, as Sue said, 'Just like the man who taught me to pleasure myself is with me.'

Sue hugged me, helped me clean up, and gave me a ride home. She said, 'I am sorry about that first time; I didn't understand what was happening. Tonight was more like what should have happened and I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Bye.'



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