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Still Car Jackin'

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Like I've mentioned in some of my other stories posted on this site, nothing compares to a really good jacking off in the car. Yep, driving around with a big lubed up boner in hand is so hot. I've noticed that most other car jackers are 'cruisers', that is, they keep driving around parking lots, looking for the babes, while pumping their dicks. Some others like to park in a good spot, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and have a really good meat beatin'.....this brings me to my story....

The other day I was having a truly wonderful jack at the local shopping center (I was, as usual, nude from the waist down, only a shirt and shoes on, and just stroking my big boy for an hour or so, when I saw a 'cruiser' go by. He was a big guy in small white SUV with his seat leaning way back and with that unmistakable right arm/shoulder movement. Definitely a car jacker. So, always looking for some fun, I pull out of my parking space and follow him around for a few minutes, and then he pulls into a space. I drive by to make sure he's actually beatin' off, then circle around again as a hot sexy babe comes walking up the row.

So, I time it so she and I both come in front of his truck at the same time, I stopped right in front of him, (I wanted him to see that I was jackin' too). I circled around again, and this time I pull up beside him so he is on my passenger side and can see into my car. We are both like backed into the parking spaces, so there is another row behind us. The guy is spooked, so he immediately backs up a space to see what I'm gonna do.

So, I of course just start jackin' my cock.....fast and hard so he has no doubt of what I'm up to. I can tell he's watching me and I can see in my rear mirrow that he's still goin' at it too. By now I'm really hard (I do have a big dick, 8 1/4 inches, no lie) and was getting into it, when the big guy slowly pulls up right beside me again, this time smiling and nodding as he checks out my big dick and keeps on jackin' his. I'm not gay or anything, but I sure like it when a guy watches me jack off. It's just so hot.

Well, this goes on for 20 minutes or so, and just as a super hottie walks by, this guy shoots a load (too bad I couldn't see his cock erupt). So, I figure what the heck, I'll give him a good look, so I roll down the passenger window, say something like 'hey bud, watch this' and proceed to crank out a huge load, three or four long ropes straight up and a gusher flowing down my shaft. The guy goes 'whoa! awesome'. So, I shake off the last few drops of cum, smile, say 'see ya around dude' and drive away, another great day of car jackin'.



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