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Still Can't Believe It

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I had a series of encounters with one ravishing fellow.


The first was very unexpected.

He came to visit. As friends. Just another friend coming to visit. I didn't feel we had ever flirted; he had always been a perfect gentleman, and it didn't cross my mind that he might have been looking at me in that way. And sure, I thought he was attractive, but I wasn't particularly attracted to him, so it had never occurred to me to initiate anything. Further, he's a fair bit older than I am.

But then we decided it was bedtime.

The moment we hit the bed, some magnetic force overtook us both. I hadn't often kissed someone with that passion and urgency. I don't remember how everything progressed; I was completely enveloped in our bodies, not in my mind at all at the time. What I remember clearly and fondly was as we were both naked and I was rubbing his penis, I could tell he wasn't going to take too long to cum, so I didn't work too hard; I knew he'd want it to last as long as possible. Then as I sensed him getting closer, little gasps in his breath and his muscles tensing, I sped up and he erupted all over my hand, making those last few strokes so smoothly lubricated.

He later told me he masturbated to that memory many times. In turn, I have frequently masturbated to his telling me that; male masturbation is one of my biggest turn-ons!

I didn't think anything would happen between us again; I figured it was just one of those things that comes out of nowhere and then disappears into the past, never really brought up for discussion.

I was wrong.

He came over again one night. We had hung out several times in between these two encounters; months had passed. That had confirmed what I thought: It was just in the moment. I was wrong! Hours in, as we were lounging around, kind of hanging out the window into the summer night air, suddenly he was above me, and we were kissing again. Our bodies didn't touch anywhere other than our lips, but in the minute or two we made out, I could feel myself getting wet for him again; I was wanting his whole body on top of me. After a short while, he pulled back. We smiled at one another, but then just continued in our conversation.

Then it happened again. And again. Periods of a few minutes of kissing in between longer periods of talking . . . which then grew shorter and shorter as the kissing lasted longer and longer. At some point I ended up straddling him as he sat in my big comfy chair. I remember wanting it to last forever; I felt so good rubbing against his obvious erection. We kissed and dry-humped for hours that night. He stayed over, and the whole scenario repeated itself in the morning. I remember thinking as this happened, especially in the morning, that I was going to cum so hard later with all of this in mind.

But I had no idea what I was in for.

He left that afternoon, and I napped for a while because we had slept so little the night before. Not long after I woke up, I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything until I had relieved some of this sexual tension. I was still in bed, still somewhat sleepy, so all I did to begin was take a pillow and put it between my legs as I remained curled up on my side. Before long, even though I'm not a humper in my masturbation, I found myself grinding against this pillow, extremely aroused with thoughts of the last night in my head. After a while, I was desperate for some direct stimulation. I shifted onto my back, removed my clothing, and reached down.

You know when you've been turned on for a while but had no touch yet, when that touch comes, it's INCREDIBLY intense for the first few moments? Of course this was; I was so turned on. But I was in for a surprise, because I found that feeling of EXTREME intensity was not going away as my clit became accustomed to the feeling of my fingers rubbing against it. In fact, all along the length of my sensitive spots was the most responsive it has ever been. I was shaking and sweating the entire time. The feeling just didn't dull. I must've masturbated another ten to fifteen minutes before I finally felt it get even MORE intense, and soon thereafter I exploded into an orgasm that brought me to tears. All I could imagine was sharing moments like that with him, but knowing he didn't want to because it wasn't healthy for our friendship and he didn't want a relationship beyond that.

I cleaned myself off a bit, then curled up to continue my nap alone. That goes down in history as the most intense masturbation experience of my life. I continue to use memories of our times together in my regular masturbation routine. As bittersweet as it is, he turns me on like few people can.



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