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Still Back When I Was Limber

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Back When I Was Limber


For the better part of my life, although I haven't been able to lick my balls (that would be quite a feat!), I have been able to lick my penis. Okay, not all of it, or even the majority of it, but at least the tip of it. And, for several years in my mid-to-late teens, I was able to get the entire head of my penis into my mouth. As you can probably imagine, having my penis in my mouth meant I was sucking desperately on it each and every time I got it in there. Now, it's not as if I were able to thrust my penis into my mouth and thrust back and forth (or in and out) while I sucked. I was pretty limber, but not that limber. I'd be able to get the head in, lick it a couple of times and give a few good sucks, then have to come back up for air (and to stretch my back).
Although it's not an experience I've duplicated many times, I have actually ejaculated into my mouth on a couple of occasions. (See 'Back When I Was Limber,' September 16, for one of those occasions.) On that note, I'll say a couple of things: (1) ejaculate definitely has a taste all its own, and it's not necessarily something I like to experience on a frequent (or even infrequent basis), but (2) that said, I'd still have to say that the sensations of ejaculating into my mouth--my semen shooting in at what feels like an absurdly high temperature, the throbbing and pulsing of my penis in my lips, my tongue taking it all in, are about as extreme a turn-on I've ever had while self-pleasuring that it almost makes it worth doing again. (Then again, I'm not as flexible as I used to be.) Nowadays, I can sometimes lick my penis head for brief strokes, and sometimes even get to something that's at the very end of the penis (usually pre-cum), but that's it. Although I know I was successful on a number of occasions at getting the cum shooting into my mouth, only three events in particular stand out. The first, of course, you can already read.
The second was a cold, snowy January night in 1986. I was visiting in a friend's house up north. I was spending the night in one of the three downstairs bedrooms. I had decided to jack off that night and, for whatever reason while I was yanking away, I was struck with the urge to ejaculate into my mouth. The lights were off in the room and the window was letting a bit of a purplish glow through the window from the snow falling in the town lights which were off in the distance, and I remember that as I got close to shooting my load, I got to the edge of the bed and started craning my head down toward my penis. As soon as I felt the cum start to shoot toward the tip, I forced my head down and got the head of my penis into my mouth. It took some work, but I was able to keep my lips sucked tight around my throbbing cock while I sucked and sucked to make sure that I had gotten it all. Of course, when you're highly aroused, the volume of ejaculate increases, so I imagine I got quite a mouthful. (I would definitely recommend that you at least try it once--ejaculating into your own mouth, that is, but that's only because you can be certain where your own penis has been. You're on your own if you try this with someone else!) And as I've already said, when it's fresh, it's hot in a very erotic way. But what did I do with a mouthful of cum? I couldn't exactly walk out into the hallway with my cum and saliva dripping from both my lips and my penis. I imagine I went ahead and swallowed it. Not exactly lip-smacking' good, but what the heck.
And that third time that I said I remember? That'll have to wait until a later date...



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