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Still At It After All These Years

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My first memory of masturbation was when I was about six years old and taking a bath by myself. My mom and dad had gone off to look for work in another city during the depression and I was with my aunt and grandparents. I was washing my penis and began rubbing my soapy palm against the head and it began to feel real good, don't think I climaxed at that time, but a whole new world had opened up for me. It was not long before I began to stroke the foreskin over the rim of the head and thus started ny real jerking off. I was circumcised, but not really severely and there was enough foreskin to move up about half way over the head, it really felt great. So from about the age of six I began jerking off about three or four times a day and often got in trouble doing it under my desk in school and the teacher would yell at me to get my hands up on top the desk, I was too dumb to know that anyone knew what I was doing, I thought I was the only person in the world who did such a thing. About that time I had a friend who would join me after school for a mutual session, mostly 'show me your's & I'll show mine' time of thing while hideing in the garden or behind bushes. I am sure by the time I was 16 I had jerked off more than 10,000 times and was still doing it about two or three times a day. I remember that when I was eight or nine years old I would really like to get the sunday comics and look thru them carefully, Alley Oop the cave man had a girl friend named Ooola, she would wear a animal skin draped over her and I would get hot looking at the few lines that would indicate her breasts or the little V shape line that showed cleavage, I would then run upstairs and jerk off. So when you are young you don't have to see porno or anything really erotic, your mind can create great fantasy images out of practically nothing.
After I was married I would still J/O about three or four times a week and have sex with my wife about the same number of times, not that she wasn't good, but J/O was a different kind of sex, more controllable and with a better orgasm. When I was 63 I had prostate cancer and had my prostate removed. The surgeon did a good job of sparing the nerves and within a year I could again get an erection only now I was quite a bit slowed down. Now at 74 I have normal sex about 3 times a week and J/O only about two or three times a month, all without Viagara too. I guess I have jerked off more than 20,000 times in my life and wish I could do it more, but I have to save myself for my wife because if I jerk off it takes me two or three days now to recover enough to get really hard again. I would like to read more from some seniors as to how much they can still do at an advanced age.
Mr Bill



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