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I went on an overnight business training trip to Philadelphia. I had to stay in a double room with a colleague Stewart. He's your typical software designer/tech nerd. He's got a receding hairline and a beer belly, but he must work out because he has a strong chest, and nice arms. I'm openly gay, and he was the only male who volunteered to sleep in my room. I didn't find it strange, as he's very work-oriented, and I knew he was focused on getting through the training.

Our second night at the hotel, I left to get pizza with some of the girls. Stewart didn't want to go, so he stayed behind. When I came back, Stewart was in the shower, and the door was ajar. I put my leftovers in the refrigerator, and turned on the tv. I heard the rhythmic sounds of jacking off, which made me hard. I also heard Stewart moaning and breathing loudly, even under the sounds of the flowing water. I left the tv at a normal room volume, and enjoyed Stewart enjoying himself, occasionally having a tug at my dick, under my shorts.

The water turned off, and I stopped playing with my dick, pretending to watch the show. Stewart walked around the corner, completely naked with a long, thick, uncut hardon standing straight out from his reddish brown pubes. I glanced over, mouth gaping, and he froze. Literally for a few seconds, without moving. He cussed and quickly went back into the bathroom. He quietly closed the door, and when he came back out, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, but a large outline of his dick off to the side. I didn't say anything, nor did I hide the fact that I had a raging boner under my shorts. I let it throb openly, and Stewart said he was going to watch porn and finish himself off after his shower, which is why he was naked. I said he could still do it, and he selected a porn from the menu. I didn't move, but noticed he had let the towel fall, and was now on the edge of his bed, jacking away. He glanced over a few times, and I pushed my shorts down, just enough to let my dick spring free. I had a few pulls at it, while I watched Stewart enjoy the movie.

After a few minutes, he was laying back on his bed, pillows behind his neck, and I was sitting up, playing with my dick head. We kept looking at each other, and I suggested we see who could last the longest. He nodded and continued stroking. Many times I came to the edge of cumming, but backed off, as I'm slightly competitive. Stewart kept looking over, and would slow his pace, knowing I hadn't cum yet. The movie kept playing, and soon the woman was orgasming, or so she let on with her over exaggerated moaning and sighing. Stewart groaned, and stopped jacking his dick, letting if fall back against his furry belly. He cussed again as cum started shooting out all over him, and the bed spread. He grabbed his dick, aiming it up, so the cum shot straight up and down the side of his hand. That caused me to blow my load too, and I shot straight into my shirt, avoiding any mess. I didn't moan much, but it was intense. I looked over at Stewart, attempting to get up without spilling more cum on the bedding. I got up, and pulled him up by his cum covered hand, and joked about him not having any issues fathering children.

I helped Stewart clean up, and we laughed about the experience. We jacked off together again after that, before leaving the hotel. He works in a different part of the building than I do, but occasionally I'll get a message from him about work, or checking up to see how things are going. I may ask to "hangout" again, as I'm forever single, and I did enjoy the show.



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