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Steve and Sally Etc

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Prologue - This is not my story, it is Stephen's life, and Sally's too.

Steve and I are near same age, work for the same aircraft company as engineers (electrical) so in a department with few women. We neither possess social graces such as pick-up lines, dancing, flattery and how to please women. We hung together for four years here in the rain and sometimes shine.

My feelings were hurt a bit because it took Steve two years to tell me about his adventure. So here it is with identities buried in the anonymity of the masses.

PS. Trying tell the story in Steve's voice got confusing with too many 'I's.... Here it is in another voice for his story.


Stephen, a young mid-twenties man, had a passion for bicycling. Leaving and returning to the same place accomplished no transportation, but an aloneness he greatly desired. He rode every weekend except in dangerous blinding rain. Short rides in Saturday traffic, and really long ones in light Sunday traffic, sometimes with the riding club, but mostly alone, He wasn't antisocial, he was non-social. He didn't dislike young women, he feared them. Steve appreciated, loved and lusted for any one of them. His particular focus was their behinds, rumps, asses, not fat, rail, flat or skinny asses. His weakness was a woman's ass that swept down and out from her spine as a protrusion then curving back to her legs. The kind of ass he said every man wanted to slide there hands over, down and under.

Saturday morning Stephen pedalled from the breakfast diner back to his condo complex to exchange his chinos for silk riding shorts. Nearly home he passed such a super ass in an open garage. It was the ass of a young woman who was standing on extreme tiptoe to put a box on a high shelf. She wore a sundress, blue with white flowers, that was pulled well up her thigh with the stretch. Steve braked, hung a U and rode up to the open garage under the pretext of offering help to the damsel in distress.

'Can I help? I'm taller and stronger than you are' he said as suavely as he could while trying to ogle her ass on the sly.

'Yes, thank you' the woman hesitantly replied. 'I need to move this stuff I don't use very often then put the heavy stuff on the bottom, You look like you could be a big help.' She smiled, stuck out her hand. 'My name is Sally'

Steve shook her hand noticing her front view was pretty too. The tight fitting bosom of her dress flared at the waist showing Sally's trim figure then accenting her hips and ass just the way he liked the most. Also to his liking were smallish pert boobs, styled blonde hair framing a very pretty face. Sally was the cute girl-next-door, the magazine model selling kitchen appliances, the face on Coca-Cola posters in his youth. For Steve it was lust at first sight.

They exchanging names and small talk as they worked. The task lasted a couple of hours because Sally had to check every box, label it, decide just where it should go. During all that time Steve caught her checking him out too. He tried to keep his gut tight.

The job well done, Sally invited him in for coffee and offered a sandwich. Of course Steve followed into the kitchen, a pleasant room. Several prints of fruits, cheeses and a cow hung on peach painted walls, wood cabinets, steel appliances, Sliding glass doors opened to a patio lush green with all sorts of plants hanging and potted. He thought he saw a quick passing of another person. So during the sandwich he asked and found Sally had lived alone in her condo for two years, hadn't a current boy friend nor a cat, worked at the plant, and had a sister in the East.

Steve revealed he lived alone two blocks away, was not now committed. He omitted the truth that he never had been committed and that he was a total dork. Each of them was warm, friendly, and flirtatious.

After the third coffee Sally took the dishes to the sink. Briefly admiring her ass, Steve emptied his cup and brought it over. Reaching around the girl he put his cup in the sink too. His face near her hair, he inhaled the fragrance of fruit, flowers and girl. It imprinted as a sexy unforgettable aroma. Sally did not move aside, Rather, as Steve complimented on her fragrance, Sally half turned to her left to kiss him near the lips. More, as Sally turned back she arched her back, lightly pressing her most perfect ass back against Steve. Mr Dick instantly responded. In a natural response Steve moved both hands towards her hips to grab and pull her into him. He caught himself, stopped the crude move and just braced his hands on the counter at her sides. He deeply inhaling her sweet aroma. Steve claims still he did not press Mr Dick into the protruding ass. He should not be believed.

After a few moments Sally, without turning, took both his hands to slide them unquestionably up to her breasts. Guided by angels, Steve did not squeeze, pinch of mangle. Possibly out of caution and ignorance of the protocol in a strange situation he did caress and gently stroke Sally's tits. Unfamiliar with 34s, 36s, and A,B,Cs he only remembers them as a very nice handful.

During the whisper caressing phase Sally, perhaps to hasten the inevitable, gently nudged his hand down past the counter top. This manoeuvre required further pushing her ass back into Mr. Dick who responded in kind. Steve then felt down and under Sally's pubic arch, messing around as best he knew how through the dress and all. Again Sally took control by unzipping the dress waist and moving his hand in.

The texture of course curly pubic hair under his fingers is a treasured memory to Steve. His fingers found her wetness and stumbled across Sally's clitoris. This blunder led to amazing results as he stroked and teased her. She pushed back and humped forward painfully crushing Steve's hand against the counter edge. Sally meowed, moaned, gasped screamed and spasmed to orgasm. Steve thrust against that perfect ass and came in his chinos.

During a heads down recovery Steve again saw a person in the patio plants. 'Who's that!' he exclaimed in some fear.

Sally looking back, 'That's just Leo' then beckoned him in. Steve was fairly frightened at being caught with Leo's girl, but with bravado courage he shook the offered hand, all the while with cum running down his leg under obvious wet stained chinos. And he was well aware his hand was slick with Sally. 'Sorry if I cut into your territory' Steve stammered.

'No, not my job' Leo answered. 'My job is to watch for things. You do yours pretty well.' Leo continued. WTF.

'Leo is a neighbor and a friend' Sally interjected. 'We look after each other' she explained.

# #

At this point the narrative stopped. Steve quit talking, changed the subject, said no more about Sally for weeks, Then, as if there had been no gap, continued reminiscing.

# #

'Sunday I saw Sally again. It was her idea. She wore navy blue shorts tight across her ass and belly, but loose in the leg. She was HOT. Hot pants I guess. They sure got me hot. We sat on recliners in the patio, Sally in sunlight across from me. Before long she pulled her knees up and opened her legs a little bit. Some hairs peeked out. No Pants! I could have whipped it out right then. Later on I would have.'

Sal looked at me funny. Her eyes went narrow and, I swear, twinkled like Christmas lights. But it was her smile. Her bottom lip comes out and the sides of her lips actually curl up. When she does that she looks sweet wicked. Swear to God it would give the statue of a pope a hard-on.'

Steve quit bicycling for the longest time. Weekends were for Sally. She was inexhaustible, led him around by his dick into situations and sex play Steve could never have imagined in his old life. She liked to pose and tease, to display wantonly, often in public places. She delighted in getting him embarrassingly hard in public, it was so easy to do.

She would rub his cock through his pants, stopping just at the edge of ejaculation. He freely teased her pussy through her clothing and would stroke her fine ass when no one was looking.

They masturbated each other in theaters and cafes, and once in a museum, but Sally much preferred her own condo, particularly on the living room floor and in the patio. Public petting just made for longer anticipation of the orgasms which always followed somewhere.

Steve really liked playing with her, the feel, smell and taste of her, and her firm ass, but was frustrated because he never got real sex, fucking. Once Sally had said 'You can put anything in there you want except the thing that squirts babies.' Otherwise she was enthusiastic for any form of masturbation. He really got off in thrusting between the cheeks of Sally's ass, best when she put her hand underneath, Probably as good as the real thing he rationalized.

The jacking and jilling, fingering, stroking plus other stuff lasted for a year plus some.

The split came because of Leo, or rather the relationship between Sally and Leo. Steve never understood and so was not happy about Leo always around. He wasn't watching for trouble like a good neighbor, he was spying on their sex life from the beginning. First a shadow, then a face then standing in a doorway. Sally seemed to know he was there, maybe sometimes beckoning him in. The final straw was Leo watching them play and openly masturbating along.

In the breakup fight Steve shouted, 'Why in hell do you let him do that? It creeps me out, always there and getting closer.'

Icily Sally spit, 'He never touches me. He always wears a condom, never makes a mess. He likes it. I like it and you get what you like too. Where's the problem, who gets hurt, your damn ego?'

That was the end. Steve began cycling again, but never down her street. He spent more Friday nights with us guys from work, that is until he met Beth, who likely appreciates his gentleness and his digital dexterity. He seems calmer now.

In about two years we may know how this works out.

None of the other guys knows about Sally. Me, well I had to tell somebody didn't I?



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