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Stepsons Friend

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100% true


I had been married for about seven years and things were slowly hitting the rocks. I was sleeping upstairs away from my wife in the spare bedroom which did have its benefits as it turns out.

Anyway one night *T*, my step son, who was 20 at the time had been out with friends and they all came home about 2.00 in the morning.

*T*s room was full of passed out guys when *S* came into my room and crashed on my bed. He used to sleep over in that room before I got banished from downstairs. He just splayed across the bed diagonally fully clothed.

This woke me and I had always thought of *S* as being very good looking and with a very tidy bod. I said to *S* that he should take his clothes off and get into bed, which would make it more comfortable for both him and me. He did and just kept his tightie whities on. It was only a double bed so there wasn't that much room for us to keep separate.

I was lying on my side and then I changed position and rolled onto my back and placed my hands at my side. My right hand ended up resting on *S*s thigh. I could feel the hair on his thighs and wondered where this might go. I didn't want to put myself in a vulnerable situation so I didn't initiate anything too blatant. I just held my hand against him and enjoyed the feeling of his body.

Then I very, very gently and almost imperceptibly began to move my index finger against his leg. My heart was racing. What if he woke and accused me of coming on to him? But that all changed when after about five minutes he rolled over and pulled his jocks down to free his 20 year old uncircumcised cock. The audible thwak as his cock slapped his abs told me he was more than ready for some fun.

I asked him if he was ok to do this and he replied yes. I didn't want to end up in serious trouble, not that he was a minor, and it was consensual. If this had got back to the crew it would have been death for him and me. After his jocks were on the floor I lightly touched him where I had before and started to make my way towards his groin. I took my time relishing the beauty of his body.

Eventually I felt his ball sack on the back of my hand and they were low hangers. *S* was thrusting his hips showing his satisfaction and wanting more. I teased him by taking my time before getting to his impressive 7.5' cock. It was dead straight and nice and thick as well.

I stroked his balls downwards and squeezed the shaft between his nuts and arsehole which he enjoyed a lot. Then I just had to get to his cock.

I gently and very lightly ran my finger tips over the length of it without touching his helmet. The was precum oozing from the tip and where it had run down his shaft I used to smear it around.

*S* was loving what was happening to him and wanted more. Then I encompassed his shaft in my fist and began to slowly stroke away. His hips met my every move and then I paid attention to his knob. It was drenched and provided glorious amounts of natural lube to encircle his bulging mushroom.

I began to step up the pace while fondling his wonderful balls with my left hand. Soon I felt his balls rise into his body and I knew things weren't far away. I kept working him and then I saw his abs contract and was astonished to see an amazing amount of cum fly out and land all over his chest. It didn't dribble, it burst out of there like a shot. About six blasts splattered themselves all over his tight stomach.

I asked *S* if he liked that to which he replied yes very much indeed. I think that he felt a little apprehensive about what had just happened but I reassured him it was all ok and just between him and I.

*S* drifted off to sleep soon afterwards but I couldn't get to sleep replaying in my mind what had just occurred. About and hour and a half later I was still awake and looking over at *S* I moved over to him and began to massage his balls between his scissored thighs. He responded in the most natural way and greeted me with another fully erect hardon. So round two began.

I jacked him so gently at first and then became faster and faster as his orgasm approached. Again he unloaded an almost unbelievable man load all over himself. Then he was spent.

But I had still not got off. I asked *S* if he minded if I worked one out. He said sure. Then I began to work my cock lying next to this Adonis. It was wonderful.

I asked *S* if he would mind fondling my balls while I worked my shaft to which he said yes. His touch was electric and before long I had sprayed one of the biggest loads ever all over my stomach.

I still jack off to this incident today and wonder if *S* does the same.



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