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Step Sister Taugh Me

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My dad had remarried when I was 14 to a nice woman that had a very attractive 17 y/o daughter. Jan and I hit it off right away. She was very forward and would walk in on me in the bathroom or in my bedroom all the time. She told me she always had an open door policy and that I never needed to knock. We both walked in on each other many times when we were in various stages of undress. I saw her nude many times and she had seen me the same way. She had a gorgeous body and I just couldn't get enough of looking at her. When I would walk in on her she never acted surprised. She would invite me to sit and talk while she dressed. She would walk around completely nude and ask me what I thought of this dress or that and hold them up to herself and model them. She had ask me several times if I liked looking at her, because she really enjoyed having me see her nude. I told her I loved seeing her nude because she had an incredible body. She would come over completely nude and kiss me on the forehead and say 'I love you bro'. Of course this always took place when our parents were still at work.
One day about a year later I came home and decided to take a bath. This was my favorite place to jackoff and dream about Jan. Jan usually got home from school about and hour after I did so I knew I would have time. I got myself all soaped up and started stroking my rock hard cock. I had been doing this for about 15 minutes when the bathroom door popped open and in walked Jan. I tried to cover myself up because Jan had never seen me hard before. She said 'sorry jack. I got out of gym class early and I just have to pee. I didn't know you were that big. I've never seen you like that before.' I told her it was her fault because I was thinking about her. She asked me if I was masturbating and I admitted that I was. She ask me if I had ever seen a girl pee before and if I would like to watch. I told her I would love to. She pulled off her gym shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. She turned in my direction and spread her legs. I had never seen her pussy spread open like that before. It was beautiful and I told her so. She started to pee and said I could keep masturbating if I wanted to because she would like to see me do it. My eyes were glued on pussy and she asked me if I really liked watching her. I knew she was really into exhibitionism and would always let her know how much I liked it.
Jan wiped and told me to stand up and let her dry me off and she would help me with it. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. After she had dried me off she told me sit on the side of the tub and relax. I did as I was told. She spread my legs and sat on the floor in front of me. She told me again that I really had a very nice cock for only being 15. She started slowly kissing all over my cock and balls and then she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. She moved down the shaft and sucked my balls completely in her mouth. It was a mouth full because my balls are pretty big. Jan looked up at me and said 'you like? You want to cum in my mouth? You are such a dirty little boy, making me suck your big fat cock like this. And then you want to blow your thick hot cum in my sweet little girl mouth and make me swallow it all down.' She said 'The only way I'll do that is if you hold my head down and force me to. You're bigger and stronger than me and if you force me I can't stop you.' I may have only been 15 but I was not stupid. I knew Jan wanted to feel like she was being forced. The old fantasy rape thing that all girls like so long as it's not real. I grabbed her head and started pumping it up and down. I said 'I'm going to blow my hot load down your throat, you little bitch.' I pumped her head for a few more strokes and then just relaxed my hands and started gently playing with her hair. She kept sucking away on my cock and in just a few short minutes I was having the most explosive orgasm and really unloading my balls. Jan didn't stop until she had sucked me dry. She raised up her head and with some of my cum running down her chin, she asked 'How was that big boy?' I told her it was the most fantastic feeling I had ever had and bent down to kiss her. She grabbed me and planted this really sloppy french kiss on me and I could taste my own cum.
After she had given me that really deep soul kiss she ask me if I would return the favor for her. I said only if she forced me. We both laughed and exchanged places. Jan said 'Now big boy I'm going to teach you the fine art of eating pussy and you are going to eat my asshole too and love it. Now come here and suck my pussy.' She taught me so much. We had many other sexual encounters doing everything under the sun. After summer was over Jan went off to college, but every time she came home we always made time for us.



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